RHOC Season 13, Episode 4

Previously on the RHOC, Tamra and Vicki headed to Mexico to meet up with Shannon who had just spent time vacationing there with her three teenage daughters on ex-hubby David’s dime. Shannon ensured the ladies were greeted with bang- that meant sombreros, shots of tequila and giant hugs- but,Vicki, the klutz that she is, hugged Shannon and knocked the tray of shots out of her hand and smashed it to the ground. Fortunately, the women had taken said shots and went tumbling down too, with Vicki peeing her pants, as per usual. Off to the hotel suite they went and soon, it was Andales time because, after all, Vicki is the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta. From the airport to the suite to the bar and every time in between, the women took around 15 shots and downed several drinks, while we were graced with Tamra’s boobies. Even at 50, she has a body any 20-something would kill for. Back at the suite, Tamra did not want the party to end so she took it to hot tub, lounging in the nude. This is where the best moments came from as she tried to urge Shannon and Vicki to join her. Despite her body issues, Shannon came into the hot tub, Spanx, bikini underwear, bra and all. The two were having so much fun, laughing and splashing with Tamra doing anything she could to get Vicki into the groove. But, the insurance maven had promised boyfriend, Steve that she would not do anything scandalous and in return, she is now a dud and not the “whoop it up” gal she once was. In an extreme effort to get Vicki outside, Tamra proceeded to jump into the hot tub…and of course, broke her foot. The ladies still had fun the rest of the trip but nothing tops what happened that first night.

Back in the OC, the two new ladies bonded in a mommy and me workout class while Kelly vented to daughter Jolie about her issues with Vicki. Vicki had recently set up Kelly’s ex-husband (and Jolie’s dad) up with a new girl and gone on a double date with the new couple without telling Kelly so she felt very betrayed. Tamra and Shannon had experience with this as Shannon’s ex is best friends with Tamra’s husband so they have a divide and conquer situation. This week, the Kelly/Vicki betrayal comes to a head at a group dinner…and now everyone is involved. Take a look.

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