Top 3 Movies Out In Theaters This Weekend! (VIDEOS)

There are a lot of great new releases coming out this weekend to a theater near you, but which ones are going to be worth going to see? Find out which movies are rated highest for this weekend right here!

When choosing what movie to go see in theaters I’m the type who checks all the biggest critics sites to find out what they all think my choice. In this article, I am going solely based on what I think from watching trailers of the various new releases coming out this weekend! Here are three movies I think are going to be epic at the box office!

3.) Show Dogs

I am a sucker for a good Will Arnett movie and this one is going to be a hysterical family comedy you will want to bring your kids to see. After failing to recover a stolen panda, Max, the police dog, (voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges) teams up with FBI Agent Frank, played by Arnett. They are sent to Las Vegas to search for clues to help find the panda. Max goes undercover as a contestant in the show to get information from the other dogs. Check out the official trailer below!

2.) Book Club

This all-star cast of hilarious women is sure to have you falling out of your seats. Diane Keaton plays a recently widowed woman after 40 years of marriage. Jane Fonda plays a woman who enjoys the company of men with no strings attached. Candice Bergen plays a woman who is still trying to work through her divorce which took place decades ago and Mary Steenburgen plays a woman who has been married for 35 years, but her marriage is in a slump. Their lives are turned upside down after reading the ever popular book “50 Shades of Grey.” Check out the trailer below!

1.) Deadpool 2

If you are into superheroes who are extremely sarcastic and swear A LOT, then this is the movie for you! Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds), teams up with three mutants, Bedlam, Shatterstar and Domino in an attempt to save a young boy from Cable (played by Josh Brolin). This movie has potential to break box office records throughout the upcoming weekend. Check out one of many trailers below!

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