Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers: Who Won BBCAN6 Last Night?

It was a long and bumpy season in the Big Brother Canada 6 house with all the alliance shifts, the house meetings that typically turned into screaming matches and the all-out war against the showmance that never really hit the battlefield. Last night a winner was named on Big Brother Canada 6 and I have the results for you below!

The F4 for this season was Will Kenny, Paras Atashnak, Derek Kesseler, and Kaela Grant. Paras won the F4 HOH and nominated Derek and Kaela for eviction, which ultimately sealed Will’s fate. After Kaela won the Veto and took herself off the block, Will was renom’d because there was no one left to take her place. With Kaela being the only vote, Will was evicted and the F3 was named.

Not getting the showmance out, when they had several chances, really came back to bite them in the ass. Either way, only one person would walk away from the house $100,000 richer. After Paras won the first round of the final HOH, Kaela went on to win the second round and then Paras won the third round and Derek was sent to the Jury.

With Paras and Kaela in the F2, it really came down to jury management, or the lack thereof. Kaela had done such a great job at burning everyone in the jury that in the end, the only one who voted for her to win was Derek. With that being said, Paras Atashnak went on to win Big Brother Canada season 6!

What did you think of this season of BBCAN6? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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