Survivor 2018 Recap: Season 36 Episode 2 – Only Time Will Tell

Last week on Survivor season 36, we were introduced to 20 new castaways and by the end of the premiere, there were only 18 left. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor 2018, you can get all the details right here. In the meantime, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode where we will see what happens when the castaways end up on new tribes!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on
Survivor season 36 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with James telling us how he is feeling after receiving two votes at Tribal Council. He is clearly upset, but realizes that he deserved to be a second target. We then see as the remaining castaways are meeting up with Jeff. He asks how everyone is feeling about their tribe-mates. They are all pretty happy about their tribes, that’s when Jeff tells them that it’s time for a tribe switch!

All the castaways drop their buffs and Jeff starts passing out the new buffs. Some of the castaways switch over to Naviti, others go over to Malolo. The tribes head back to their new camps and start to get to know their new tribe members. The old Naviti tribe members that are now on Malolo have been complaining about the camp and how it’s not as comfortable as the Naviti camp is. Naviti was the tribe that won the comfort reward last week.

The new tribes are as follows:

  • Naviti Domenick, Wendall, Donathan, Laurel, James, Chris, Angela, Morgan and Libby.
  • Malolo – Desiree, Kellyn, Jenna, Stephanie, Bradley, Sebastian, Brendan, Chelsea and Michael. 

The members of the Malolo tribe are listening to the new members complain about how uncomfortable the camp is. They do realize that they signed up for Survivor, right? Meanwhile, the old Malolo four are out looking for an idol. Brendan and Michael manage to find the hidden immunity idol. The idol that that they found was one of the two idols that James from Survivor: China had when he was voted off his season.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge and Reward Challenge. The winning tribe will get immunity, a tarp and the ability to pick one person from the losing tribe and send them to Ghost Island. They will be going through a Ninja Warrior type obstacle course, dig out a ladder, use the ladder to reach a rope that is wrapped about a poll and then use the rope to pull themselves up a steep ramp. Once everyone in the tribe is at the top, they have a puzzle to solve. The first tribe to do this wins.

Throughout the entire competition it is neck and neck. In the end, Malolo wins the competition and takes immunity, the tarp and then decides that they are going to have Naviti draw rocks to choose who to go to Ghost Island. The person with the white rock who will be going to Ghost Island is Chris. He will not be voted out, but also won’t have a say in who will be voted out tonight during TC.

When Chris gets to Ghost Island, he breaks his urn and gets a message that says “Nope, not today. No game for you.” He gets very emotional about his mom who was diagnosed with MS when he was really young. Meanwhile, back at the Naviti tribe, the castaways are discussing who they are going to be voting out. Chris really wanted Dom out, but now that it’s 4-4 with the old Malolo people and old Naviti people, they are looking at a split vote.

There are a lot of names being thrown around by the castaways, but who will be voted off the island tonight? We will find out after the commercial break! It is time for TC and they all seem to be really skeptical about being able to trust anyone in their new tribe. It is time for the votes, will we see another blindside? Will Dom use his idol? We are about to find out! Dom doesn’t use his idol and the votes are:

  • Libby
  • Angela
  • Angela
  • Angela
  • Morgan
  • Morgan
  • Morgan
  • Morgan

Morgan was blindsided tonight and voted off Survivor. Are you surprised by this? Do you think this was a good move? After being voted off, Morgan gifted her advantage to Domenick which means that Dom now has the Legacy Advantage.

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