Survivor 2018 Recap: Season 36 Premiere – Welcome to Ghost Island!

Tonight is the two-hour season premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island and I can’t wait to see how this season plays out with all the mistakes of past castaways coming back to haunt the new ones. Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor right here with my Survivor 36 live recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 36 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Jeff telling the castaways that they have to pick on person to lead their tribes. Brendan from Malolo and Chris from Naviti. They then each have to pick one person to handle the physical portion of this challenge and another for the puzzle portion. Brendan picks Michael and Chris picks Sebastian for the physical and Brendan picks Laurel and Chris picks Desiree. After those players are picked they are told that the winner will win a machete, rice, a pot and a fishing kit. They will also get a massive shelter building kit back at camp.

If at any point, the leader doesn’t think their puzzle person is going to win it, they can forfeit on behalf of their tribe, but if they do, the winning team will also bring 20 eggs back to camp, but the forfeiting team gets the fishing kit. In the end, Chris ends up forfeiting for Naviti which only sends them back to camp with the fishing kit, but Malolo gets everything else. The tribes head back to camp.

When the Malolo tribe gets back to camp, Michael already lies to his tribe and tells them that he is 23 and works in real estate, but he is only 18. Stephanie G. who goes by Gonzalez, and some of the others are collecting supplies for camp. At Naviti, the castaways are building shelter and getting to know each other a little bit. Sebastian and Chris are getting to know each other, they are both familiar with south Florida and have some things in common. They already have a bit of an alliance going on. They are also talking about Domenick and how he told Jeff that Chris made the wrong decision at the challenge. He thinks Domenick is coming after him.

Jacob from Malolo is currently looking for an idol because he is worried that because he isn’t one of the “pretty people” and he won’t be kept around if given the chance. When he gets back to the camp, everyone else is going to look for food around the island. Over on Naviti, Wendell, who is a furniture designer, and he is building a crab trap to see if he can catch some crabs for the camp. After, Wendell is talking to Sebastian who has mentioned Domenick’s name. Wendell likes Domenick though so he goes to tell Domenick about what Sabastian said. They all think that the conversation started with Chris after the challenge.

It is time for the immunity challenge, the tribes are using a sled to transport puzzle pieces and then putting the puzzle together for their first immunity challenge. Naviti is also playing for fire because they don’t already have it at their camp and the losing tribe will also have someone sent to Ghost Island.

Both tribes get their pieces to their mat and they start putting this massive cube puzzle together. Naviti manages to put their puzzle together first, they win immunity and fire. Malolo not only has to go to Tribal Council, they also have to send one castaway to Ghost Island. Naviti gets to pick one person from Malolo to go to Ghost Island, but the person they send can’t be sent home tonight. They chose to send Jacob after he made a comment about Malolo being the best tribe ever on SurvivorJenna mentions that it kind of screws the rest of the tribe though because he would have been the one they voted out tonight.

We get a look at Jacob arriving at Ghost Island. He finds a clue that sends him to a game which tells him that he will get a secret advantage if he wins, but he will lose his vote at the next TC if he loses. He finds three bamboo chutes and one of them is locked. One of the other two has a key in it that opens that lock. He takes the gamble and finds the Legacy Advantage from Survivor: Game Changers that Sierra found and told Sarah about and then Sarah blindsided her. He is told that he can keep the advantage or give it to another castaway from the other tribe. He decides to give it to someone on the other tribe, Morgan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Malolo tribe is trying to pick the castaway that they are going to be voting off the island tonight. There are some talks about Donathan because he isn’t exactly the strongest person there, but one of the other castaways thinks that keeping him around will help later if they need someone small for a challenge.

It is time for the first TC and during the TC they are talking about their first days on the island. They talk about how Jacob was an easy target after he went off looking for an idol early on. They talks then turn to how Donathan isn’t the most physical person on the tribe. Gonzalez then goes to talk to some of the other castaways and she asks them who they are voting for. Donathan’s name comes up and then it turns into all of them whispering to each other, but no one is talking to Donathan. It is time for the voting and after they are tallied, Jeff reads them off. They are:

  • Donathan
  • Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez

and with five votes, Gonzalez is the first person not only voted off Survivor, but completely blindsided by her tribe.

When Malolo heads back to camp, Domenick starts looking for an idol because he thinks that he might be a target. He is able to find one, but doesn’t open it until the morning. When he opens it, he finds out that this is the original idol from Andrea in season 26 who was sent home with an idol in her pocket.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s gift to Morgan has made it’s way into her bag. She opens it and reads it and she knows that Sierra got voted out for telling people she had it so she isn’t going to make the same mistake. Meanwhile, Jacob is on Ghost Island trying to come up with an explanation for his tribe members. He tells us he is going to tell them the truth except, he is going to tell them he got an idol out of it and not that he sent the Legacy Advantage to Morgan. He is currently making a fake idol.

Jacob gets back to the tribe and he thinks that him being honest about this will keep him safe, but they are all onto the fact that this is a fake because he didn’t bring back the note that came with it. They plan on voting him out the next time they go to TC. Meanwhile, on Naviti, Domenick is working out with a bamboo stick and feeling a little more comfortable now that he has an immunity idol. He really wants to talk to Chris though and when he does he tries, Chris asks him if he has an idol. Tells him that if he knew he had the idol he would trust him more.

Domenick denies having one but then goes and makes a fake one and shows it to Chris with the real paperwork. He tells Chris that he would use this idol to save Chris if he ever felt threatened. It is time for the immunity challenge! They will be swimming around obstacles looking for marked buoys, someone else will be shooting them into a basket and the first tribe to get them all in wins. They also get some chairs, a hammock and some other thinks for their camp. Naviti has to pick one person to sit out and they choose Angela.

Naviti has a huge head start, meanwhile on Malolo, James can’t get to the buoys which forces Donathan into the water to do it for him. He is not a strong swimmer, but still manages to get the buoys up to the surface for his team. Donathan is getting praise from his tribe mates. While Malolo is still trying to get all their buoys, Naviti already has seven of their buoys in the basket and Desiree nails the eighth one to give Naviti their second win. Naviti wins immunity and the comfort reward. Naviti gets to pick another castaway to Ghost Island and they choose to send Donathan.

Donathan gets to Ghost Island and he smashes an urn like Jacob was told to, but when he pulls out a scroll it says “Nope, not today. No game for you.” He’s a little bummed. Meanwhile, Malolo is trying to decide who should be sent home at TC. James lost the challenge for them, but Jacob is their main target. They are going to send most of the votes at Jacob, but a few to James just in case it’s real. Meanwhile, Stephanie J, who we can refer to as Stephanie now that there is only one, is trying to get all buddy buddy with Jacob. She is flirting with him and trying to get close to him to get him to open up about his idol. It works. He tells her that the idol isn’t real and then continues to tell her about the Legacy Advantage and that he gave it to Morgan. He is clearly not a super fan like he claims.

Stephanie goes back to talk to Jenna about Jacob wanting to take out the bigger guys first and they are talking about trying to get Michael out. It sounds like they could pull this off, but I think that Jacob opening his mouth and telling Stephanie all this is going to come back and bite him. It is now time for the second TC of the night! James is the first one called on by Jeff about the challenge. He is beating himself up over this.

Jacob is then called out about him sharing information about Ghost Island and he tells Jeff that he told them everything including his “opportunity for an advantage” and Libby tells Jeff they were told he had found an immunity idol. They then touch on their alliances and the people they trust. It is time to vote and when the votes are tallied Jeff reads them off as follows:

  • Michael
  • James
  • Jacob
  • James
  • Jacob
  • Jacob
  • Jacob

With that, Jacob is voted off Survivor: Ghost Island!

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