The Amazing Race 30 Recap: Episode 5 – Prague, Czech Republic

Tonight on The Amazing Race 2018, the remaining teams will head to Prague where they will be faced with a double U-Turn! You are not going to want to miss a second of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race so make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details! If you missed last week’s special two hour episode, check out my The Amazing Race season 30 recap here to find out which teams were eliminated!

SPOILER ALERT: The Amazing Race 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Amazing Race season 30 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with Brittany & Lucas and the other teams heading to Prague! The teams know that there is a double U-Turn ahead and they are all worried that they are going to be the targets. As the teams start arriving in Prague, the first teams to arrive are trying to get a head start. When they get there, the first four teams decide that they are not going to U-Turn anyone. Those teams then go on to the Detour which is This or That. The first four teams are Brittany & Lucas, Kristi & Jen, Henry & Evan and Eric & Daniel.

They will be for This, they will be re-stacking empty kegs to find the one full keg, pour the perfect beer and then delivering the kegs to a local party. For That, they will be listening to a lecture and will have to remember facts within that lecture and answer 8 questions. As the first four teams start their Detours, the next three teams are arriving in Prague. Those teams are Alex & Conor, Cody & Jessica and Trevor & Chris.

When those teams get to the double U-Turn, the only team that decides to U-Turn anyone was Cody & Jessica. They U-Turn Trevor & Chris and those two now have to do both Detour tasks. Meanwhile, Eric & Daniel have finished the detour and have gotten their next clue! The teams that have finished the Detour are now heading to the Road Block which is to go into a room full of ringing phones and only eight of those phones have the recording of a word. These eight words are put together for a Franz Kafka quote.

Kristi & Jen are the first team to arrive at the Road Block. As the rest of the teams start finishing up their detours and head to the Road Block, Kristi & Jen finished the Road Block and head to the Pit Stop! Evan and Daniel decide to work together to get through the Road Block and finish at the same time.

Kristi & Jen have arrived at the Pit Stop and have won this leg of the race! Eric & Daniel make it to the Pit Stop second and Evan & Henry are right behind them. The fourth team to make it to the Pit Stop is Alex & Conor, Brittany & Lucas are fifth to get to the Pit Stop and it is down to Cody & Jessica and Trevor & Chris. Cody and Jessica make it to the Pit Stop before Trevor & Chris. That means that Trevor & Chris came in last and are eliminated.

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