The Amazing Race 30 Recap: Episode 4 – St. Tropez and Provence, France

Tonight the remaining teams on The Amazing Race 30 will head to France and with tonight’s episode being a two hour episode, I’m wondering if that means there will be two eliminations. If you missed last week’s episode of The Amazing Race 2018, check out my full recap of The Amazing Race season 30 right here for all the details. In the meantime, keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race 2018!

SPOILER ALERT: The Amazing Race 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Amazing Race season 30 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with the teams heading to St. Tropez! When the teams get to St. Tropez, they are hit with a Road Block where they have to use these small wind sailing boats to get to two buoys which has their next clue, in two pieces, attached to it. Kristi & Jen are the first team to get there, Alex & Conor are right behind them. Jessica & Cody show up soon after.

After they get their clue, they realize that their next stop is a bakery where they will have to make baguettes. Kristi & Jen finish the Speed Bump first, Cody and Alex are struggling and Alex comes back with only half their clue. The other teams are starting to show up and Cody and Conor are starting to get nervous. Meanwhile, Brittany & Lucas are having a hard time even getting to St. Tropez and found themselves lost. Lucas is yelling at Brittany, but then quickly realizes that it’s just the stress and apologizes to her about his actions.

There are still a lot of teams in their boats and all of them are having a hard time with their boats. Cedric & Shawn find their Speed Bump at this part of the race and have to stack the boats in numerical order before going on to their sailboats. Evan is struggling in the water and has gotten hit with the sail, she tells Henry that she broke her tooth. Alex & Conor and Jessica & Cody have made it to the next part of the challenge. Kristi & Jen have moved on to making sandals.

Cedric & Shawn have finished their Speed Bump and head to their sailboat and Lucas & Brittany make it to the challenge also. Cedric & Shawn have the size issue when it comes to the boats. Cedric’s boat keeps sinking. Eric & Daniel have finally made it to the first challenge in this leg of the race. Cedric’s boat has suck for the third time.

More of the teams are finishing the baguettes and heading to the sandal making challenge. After that, the teams will get their clue that will lead them to their next Pit Stop which will be where they compete in the second Head-To-Head challenge where they will play a game that looks like bocci. Kristi & Jen are first to get to the Pit Stop and Alex & Conor get there second, they go Head-To-Head.

Conor & Alex win the first Head-To-Head and win this leg of the race and now Kristi & Jen have to go up against Cody & Jessica. Jessica has thrown her first ball and it’s only an inch away from the target ball and because of this, Jessica & Cody come in second in this leg of the race. Kristi & Jen now have to go up against Trevor & Chris and manage to beat them and make it to the Pit Stop third. Trevor & Chris are now up against Joey & Tim and Trevor really doesn’t know how to play this game. Joey & Tim win, Trevor & Chris are now up against Brittany & Lucas.

Trevor and Chris beat Brittany & Lucas and now Brittany & Lucas have to go up against Henry & Evan. Henry & Evan win after the judge had to pull out a measuring tape to see who was closer. Brittany & Lucas are now up against Eric & Daniel and Eric & Daniel win. The last Head-To-Head is between Brittany & Lucas and Cedric & Shawn. After this Head-To-Head, Brittany & Lucas move on to the Pit Stop and Cedric & Shawn have been eliminated.

The remaining teams now head to Provence, France for the next leg of the race! They are heading to a Medieval festival, this is going to be interesting! One team member has to assemble a catapult while the other team member is in a prison device. Some of the teams finish quickly and move on, but other teams are struggling with the assembly of their catapults.

Brittany & Lucas are the first to get to their next clue and Kristi & Jen are close behind them. They get their clue for the Detour for this leg of the race. They will chose between Full of Bull or Colorful. In Full of Bull they will have to search a stadium for red, white and blue flags and in Colorful they will have to unlock a Vincent Van Gogh puzzle painting.

After completing this challenge, they get their clue for the location of the next Pit Stop! The first team to finish and make it to the Pit Stop are Lucas & Brittany, Kristi & Jen get to the mat second and Lucas wants to say something to Brittany, I wonder if he is going to pop the question! He told us at the beginning that he bought a ring and had plans of doing so sometime during the race! He does and she says yes as Eric & Daniel make it to the mat in third place!

Henry & Evan get to the mat in fourth and Alex & Conor came in fifth. Jessica & Cody come in sixth, meanwhile, Joey & Tim are still doing the Van Gogh puzzle and Trevor & Chris are lost getting to their detour. Which of these teams will make it to the mat first? Which team will be eliminated? Keep refreshing this page to find out!

Trevor & Chris finally make it to their detour and fly through the Full of Bull challenge and seconds later Joey & Tim solve their puzzle. Both teams are heading to the Pit Stop now! Trevor & Chris make it to the mat before Joey & Tim. Joey & Tim are eliminated from the race.

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