The Amazing Race 30 Recap: Episode 3 – Tangiers, Morocco

Tonight on The Amazing Race 20178, the remaining teams will head to Morocco! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race season 30 right here! If you missed last week’s episode of The Amazing Race 30, you can find my full recap of The Amazing Race right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Amazing Race 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Amazing Race season 30 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with the teams taking off for Morocco. While waiting for their flights, some of the teams are trying to figure out which team was eliminated last week. They are able to figure it out through the process of elimination as more teams show up to the airport.

The first challenge has the teams dealing with some slimy, stinky fish. They have to arrange fish in a basket in a specific way and once their work is checked, then they will be given their next clue. Some of the teams are having a hard time with this task because of the smell, but Jessica is having a hard time because she is distracted by all the cute feral kitties hanging out at the docks. Meanwhile, Kristi & Jen are having a hard time finding where they need to be because of a language barrier between them and the taxi driver.

Jessica & Cody are the first ones to finish this challenge and they head to find a man to repeat an Arabic phrase to. They will then get a Travelosity gnome to bring with them. Eric & Daniel are second to finish, Evan & Henry are third. The rest of the teams aren’t too far behind. Kristi & Jen even got there and finished the task, the only team left there is Alex & Conor and they are able to finish not too long after the other teams leave.

The first team to get their next clue are Henry & Evan and it’s a Road Block. They will be zip lining their gnome across roof tops and then go and retrieve it twice. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Joey & Tim are the last team to get the Road Block clue. All the teams are pretty close to each other throughout this Road Block.

After they get their gnomes back, they have to go find a phone to call for their next clue. They are told to tell one of the merchants a phrase to get their next clue and then they have to go find their partners before opening it. When they reunite with their partners they find out that this is their Detour. They will be delivering fruit to three merchants and getting receipts or they will go to belly dance.

Jessica offered to hold Brittany’s gnome so she can make the call for the phrase and put it down next to where they were standing. Brittany got her clue and got excited because she found some women who were going to bring her to where Lucas is and forgot her gnome. Jessica tells us that she feels bad, but she is the last team to get to the phone and she needed Brittany to not realize it to buy her some time. When Brittany realizes, she starts running back for her gnome screaming out for Jessica.

She is able to get her gnome and reunite with Lucas. Cedric & Shawn are in last place after the Road Block. The first team to get the Pit Stop clue is Evan & Henry, the next team is Conor & Alex. What really matters is the order they get to the Pit Stop! The first team to get to the Pit Stop is Evan & Henry, Alex & Conor are right behind them to take second. Kristi & Jen are third to get there, Trevor & Chris are fourth and Cody & Jessica are fifth. Joey & Tim are team number six, Eric & Daniel are seventh and Brittany & Lucas are eighth. Cedric & Shawn came in last, but this is a non-elimination leg, but they will have a speed bump sometime in the future!

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