The Amazing Race 30 Recap: Episode 2 – Antwerp, Belgium

Tonight on The Amazing Race season 30, the remaining 10 teams head to the Diamond Capital of the World, Antwerp, Belgium! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race 2018 with my The Amazing Race 30 live recap! If you missed out on last week’s premiere, you can get all the details of last week’s episode of The Amazing Race right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Amazing Race 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Amazing Race season 30 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race 30 off with KristiJen looking like they might puke from the drinks they had last week. They are team number one to leave Iceland followed by Cody & Jessica, Henry & Evan, Trevor & Chris and the rest of the teams. They all head to the travel agent to book their flights to Belgium!

Their first clue in Belgium is at a chocolatier and when they get there they find that their clue is for a Road Block. They have to find a crane that has rope ladders hanging from it. They have to climb the ladders while the ladders were moving up. There are clues at the top of the ladders and they have to get to the top and grab them before the ladders come all the way back down. The first team to get their Road Block completed was Trevor & Chris and we find out that it’s for a Detour!

Cody & Jessica, Cedric & Shawn, and Joey & Tim are all leaving for the detour at the same time as Trevor & Chris. They can choose to go use an old printing press to print a clue or they can go appraise diamonds in the Diamond Capital of the World! Cody & Jessica get to their Detour first and are currently in first place, Cedric & Shawn get there second. The teams are all arriving at their Detour locations and trying to get their tasks done quickly.

Cedric & Shawn are the first team to finish the Detour, Kristi & Jen are second to finish and Cody & Jessica are third. After getting their next clue, they find out that they will be racing Head-to-Head with the other teams. One person from each team will have to race against other teams that arrive to the next location in an obstacle course dressed as French fries. The winner will go on to the Pit Shop and the loser will have to wait for the next team to arrive to race again.

Henry & Evan are fourth to finish the Detour. Cody & Jessica are the second team to get to the Head-to-Head race and Cody faces off against Cedric in the first race, Cody & Jessica pull out a first place win. Cody & Jessica win the second leg of the race and have won $2500 each. That means that Shawn will have to race against a member of the next team to arrive which is Henry & Evan and Henry is the lucky team member to go up against him. Shawn & Cedric get the win this time around and they finish this leg in second.

Kristi and Evan are the next race and Kristi pulls out the win and get her and Jen to the Pit Stop. Now Henry is facing off against Chris and Chris wins to get him and Trevor fourth place on this leg of the race. The remaining teams are finishing up the Detour and heading over to the Head-to-Head. Meanwhile, Evan is going up against Alex who takes an early lead and maintains that lead and gets Alex & Conor a fifth place win.

Henry is now facing off against Lucas and Henry is exhausted at this point. Lucas & Brittany take sixth place on this leg of the race. Evan is now going up against Tim and she is also pretty exhausted. Tim & Joey pull off this win and take seventh place but now Evan & Henry have a chance to rest a little bit. Henry is now going up against April and Henry decides that if he stays in the middle after taking the lead he can block her from passing him and he does it giving him and Evan eighth place!

Now April is going up against Daniel in the last Head-to-Head. Whoever loses this will be eliminated this week on The Amazing Race season 30. After a very dramatic race, Daniel has a huge lead and knock April & Sarah out of The Amazing Race 2018. Daniel & Eric take ninth place and April & Sarah are sent home.

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