Lethal Weapon Season 2 Preview: Episode 12 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Lethal Weapon 2018 we watched as Riggs and Murtaugh worked a counterfeit case that a group of teenagers managed to get themselves in the middle of. Meanwhile, one of the kids turns out to be a foster kid who has been in and out of group homes and keeps running away from all his foster homes. Riggs goes above and beyond to help him find a home more stable for him. Riggs and Murtaugh also find themselves being targeted by gunmen because of their investigation and Riggs’ father is able to call them off.

We also watched as Riggs buys Ben a puppy and the puppy ends up running off and Molly finds it with a broken neck. She lied to Ben and told him it was hit by a car. Riggs thinks that there is more too this and then has this confirmed when he gets a package on his desk at work with the puppy’s collar and tags in it. This causes Riggs to break up with Molly because he felt like he couldn’t protect her and Ben and then he pays a visit to his father in prison. If you missed last week’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2, you can get all the details here!

This week on Lethal Weapon 2018, Riggs makes another visit to prison, but this time it’s to see his father-in-law. When they take a walk down memory lane, an old secret about Riggs’ wife surfaces. Meanwhile, Trish and Leo Getz try and solve a murder after being united by the death of a mutual friend.

Check out this clip of tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2 right here and let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media! Make sure you come back tonight for my full Lethal Weapon 2018 recap!

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