The Amazing Race 2018 Recap: Season 30 Premiere – You’re a Champion, Prove It

Tonight we kick off The Amazing Race 30 in Washington Square Park in New York City. From there, the 11 teams will travel to Iceland to begin the first leg of The Amazing Race 2018! Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s season premiere of The Amazing Race season 30 and join in the conversation in the comments below or on our social media pages!

SPOILER ALERT: The Amazing Race 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Amazing Race season 30 do NOT read ahead!

We start off The Amazing Race season 30 off with a look at the teams for this season! After getting to know each of the teams, they start the first leg of The Amazing Race 2018! Phil tells the teams that they will have to find their clue in the fountain behind them in order to start the race. They all find their clues and find out they are heading to Iceland for the first leg of this race!

All the teams are making their way to Iceland and when they get there they will head to the Geitárgljùfur River canyon. I can’t believe the scenery! The first team to get there were Henry & Evan, when they get there, they get suited up to start traversing across the canyon to retrieve a Icelandic flag. Cody & Jessica are the second team to get there and Henry & Evan retrieved their flag and get their second clue.

Jessica & Cody get their flag and head for their second clue while Alexander & Conor are the third team to get their flag and move on to the second clue. Cedric & Shawn are in fourth, Kristi & Jen are in fifth place. Meanwhile, the other six teams are still on their way to the canyon. Dessie & Kayla make it to the canyon in sixth place, Trevor & Chris are currently in seventh and Joey & Tim are in eighth place. Lucas & Brittany are in ninth place,  April & Sarah are in tenth place and Eric & Daniel are in last place.

Meanwhile, Henry & Evan are in first place and come across a roadblock where one of the team members will have to go and solve a word puzzle. Henry heads out to do that and on their way, he notices that there are letter signs on the side of the road and each of them have numbers with them as well. Henry realizes that the numbers are probably the order the letters go in and he is correct, but still manages to switch a couple of letters around.

Cody manages to get the puzzle done first and move on to their next clue and take first place! Henry & Evan are second to finish the puzzle and move on to the next clue, Kristi & Jen are in third place meanwhile, Conor is getting frustrated because he doesn’t get how to put these random letter in correct order. Meanwhile, Cody & Jessica are getting the answers to two questions about drinks and when they get the correct answers they have to drinks shots of it.

They get the answers, do their shots and then head to the first Pit Stop of the competition! Kristi & Jen are in second place. Looks like Cody & Jessica might be lost though trying to find the first Pit Stop. Kristi & Jen manage to make it to the Pit Stop first, meanwhile some of the other teams are finally finishing the roadblock. Cody & Jessica came in second, Evan & Henry are in third and Alex & Conor are in fourth. Alex & Conor came in fifth, Joey & Tim are in sixth place and Brittany & Lucas finish this leg in seventh. Cedric & Shawn finish in eighth, but because one was trying to help the other at the roadblock, they got hit with a 30 minute penalty, which puts Eric & Daniel in eighth instead.

Cedric & Shawn make it ninth after their penalty and April & Sarah make it tenth which means that Dessie & Kayla are eliminated this week on The Amazing Race season 30.

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