Lethal Weapon 2018 Recap: Episode 11 – Funny Money

Tonight on Lethal Weapon season 2, Murtaugh and Riggs worked a counterfeit case that a group of teenagers manage to find there way in the middle of it. Also on Lethal Weapon 2018, Riggs reconnects with his father! Keep reading to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2 right here with my Lethal Weapon 2018 recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Lethal Weapon 2018 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Lethal Weapon season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon season 2 off with a guy printing counterfeit money when all of a sudden, he hears something. He pulls out a gun and then the scene cuts to three teenagers outside the building riding their bikes when the guy printing the cash and a duffle bag come flying out a window. They grab the bag and ride off on their bikes.

Meanwhile, Riggs has brought a dog home to Ben and Molly and as upset as Molly wants to be, she can’t be mad about it. Murtaugh is visiting RJ at college, but he isn’t in his dorm room. Riggs and Murtaugh get called to the scene of the counterfeiter’s death and we find out the guys name is Mike Greco and he is a career criminal. When they get back to the precinct, Murtaugh gives Avery his theory on the case when a Agent Peterson comes in to tear them down.

Peterson talks to the team and the entire time Murtaugh is answering his questions and making all the same suggestions, but Peterson is ignoring him. One of the suggestions was to send out alerts to local businesses with the serial numbers and they get a hit at a hotel. When they get to the hotel, they find two of the three teenagers in a suite having a pillow fight and feathers are flying all over the place. The third teenager takes off on his bike and Riggs goes after him. The kid manages to get away on a train after pick-pocketing Riggs’ wallet.

When they go back to question the other kids, Riggs finds out that the third kid is a foster kid who has no parents, but his name is Tyson Hall. He is able to get a hangout spot for Tyson which is an old rundown school bus. Riggs goes to the bus with some food and gives Tyson something to eat while they chat. Tyson’s plan was to take the cash and get a place on the beach for him to live, he has never been to the beach. Moments later, Riggs gets his wallet back from Tyson and then notices a black SUV with two masked men in it with automatic guns. Riggs tells Tyson to get down and when he does, he makes a loud noise and the gunmen start shooting. Tyson bolts.

Meanwhile, Murtaugh, Peterson and Bowman are looking through video footage that the teenagers took and find a woman in it telling Greco that he would be “dead to her.” Murtaugh has Bowman track her down and they find out she lives in the same building where Greco was killed. Murtaugh and Peterson go to talk to her and find that she couldn’t have killed Greco because she is in a wheelchair and there is no wheelchair access to the floor that Greco was killed on.

When they get back to the precinct, they put a BOLO out for Tyson and Riggs gets a call from Molly. The puppy is missing and Riggs tells Ben that they will find him. They named the puppy Chuck Norris, for anyone who was wondering. Molly tells Riggs that he can’t make that kind of promise to a kid because there is a chance they won’t find the dog. RJ shows up at the house and tells his parents that he is dropping out of college, needless to say, they aren’t happy about this.

Back at the precinct, they find out that Tyson used one of Riggs’ credit cards to buy a bus ticket to New Mexico and a new music album. Riggs and Murtaugh go to see if they can find him and when they do, they find him on the beach admiring the sunset. Riggs tells him that a lot of people are looking for him and then sits with him for a few minutes to let him enjoy it a little longer.

Riggs and Tyson are talking and he tells Tyson that he is safe. The plates from the counterfeiter are with the feds and they know who wanted to steal them. Peterson is getting ready to leave and saying bye to everyone. He is retiring in just a few short days and has to get the plates back to his office.

Tyson overhears a conversation about him taking a call from Molly about the dog and he gets upset because Riggs just gave him a story about how they were similar and claimed not to have a family. Tyson runs off and manages to get into Peterson’s car. We then find out that Molly found the dog, but he was dead on the side of the road. She had to lie to Ben and tell him that it was hit by a car, but she found it with his neck broken. Bowman tells Riggs that Tyson took off. Instead of Peterson going to the office with the plates, he brings them to the man who was looking to steal them in the first place, but when Tyson realizes what they are doing there, he runs off with the plates and jumps on a bus.

We ended tonight’s episode off with Riggs and Murtaugh showing up to Peterson’s location and Peterson tells them that Tyson took his phone and the plates. Riggs goes to try and find Tyson and finds him being chased by gunmen in the subway tunnels. Riggs is able to stop the gunmen, but Tyson is still upset about Riggs lying to him. Riggs tells him everything about his mom dying and his father beating him as a kid, his wife and unborn child dying. The family he has now is like a “borrowed” family, insinuating that he is worried it isn’t going to last. Just then, a train starts coming at them and he tells Tyson to come to him, but that would mean that he would have to run towards the train instead of away from it. Riggs tells him he needs to trust someone sometime. He does and they are able to get off the tracks.

Riggs brings Tyson back to the precinct where he is told he is going to stay with his friend and his family for the time being. He goes to leave and finds a package on his desk and inside is Chuck Norris’ collar and tags. Murtaugh and Trish are trying to come up with a plan for RJ moving back home. When they go to talk to him, he is already outside their door with his own plan which sounded a lot like their plan. Riggs goes to see Molly to tell her that he has to go out of town for a couple days. She asks him where he is going, he tells her that he is sorry, he shouldn’t have done this to them. He tells her that he shouldn’t have pulled her into his mess. She tells him that’s where she wants to be, but he tells her he is sorry and that he can’t protect her anymore.

He goes to visit his father in prison and shows him the collar he got. Riggs’ father tells him “I told you I wanted to see you” and Riggs told him he got the message. Riggs then tells him that he didn’t come down here to listen to him talk, he came down here as common courtesy. To tell him that when he gets out of there, Riggs is going to kill him.

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