Survivor 2017 Recap: Season 35 Finale – Million Dollar Night!

Tonight on Survivor season 35 we will find out who will win the million dollar prize this season of Survivor! We are down to Ben, Chrissy, Ryan, Mike and Devon! Keep reading my Survivor season 35 finale live recap to find out which of the remaining castaways will win Survivor 2017! 

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know who won Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s finale off with Jeff live from the studio for the Survivor season 35 finale! He is joined by the entire cast from Survivor 2017! We then get a look at the season leading up to last week’s episode of Survivor season 35 and the remaining castaways. Currently, we see Ben looking for an Immunity Idol while the others sleep and right before he gives up, he finds a clue that tells him to dig! He finds another Immunity Idol! He is going to make it to at least the final 4 now!

The next morning, Devon makes a fire and the rest of the castaways chit chat. Chrissy pulls Ben aside and tells him that she would really like to be friends again, but according to her it’s just for game play. She needs to make sure that she gets to final 4, but she screws up her plan by making it pretty obvious that she is only worried about getting to the end and not their friendship. Ben tells us that Chrissy is gone, he plans on blindsiding her with his idol.

It is time for the first Immunity Challenge tonight. They will be collecting two keys to unlock colored balls to put into a puzzle. They will also be playing for a reward. They will be playing for chicken, mashed potatoes and other comfort foods to enjoy back at camp! Devon, Ryan, Mike, Ben and Chrissy (in that order) gets the first set of keys. They now have to go across a balance beam to get the second set, Mike, Devon, Chrissy, Ben and Ryan (in that order) get the second set of keys and go to unlock their puzzle.

The first person to get their puzzle unlocked and finished is Chrissy! She has won individual immunity for the third time and Ben’s plan to try and blindside her is out the window! She is allowed to take two castaways to enjoy food with her and she chooses Mike and Devon to join her.

At the reward, Chrissy, Mike and Ryan talk and Chrissy tells them that she is going to use the dead super immunity idol as a ploy and make it look like she has an idol. This is so that she can try and make it seem like Ben can stop looking for an idol, but he knows she is lying and that it’s a fake idol. Ben is playing it off like he is giving up on the game, but Devon thinks that it’s because he might have found an idol. Deep down, Devon wants to believe that there isn’t anymore idols in play, but we know that’s not true! Him and Ryan are talking about who they are voting for and Ryan tells him that he is going to vote for Ben and Devon tells him that he is thinking about voting for Mike.

It is time for Tribal Council and throughout the whole thing Ben is playing it off like he doesn’t have an idol and that he is worried he is the one being sent to jury next. After the votes are tallied, Ben plays his idol in dramatic fashion and no one saw it coming and even the Jury Members are shocked by this. The votes are Ben, Ben, Ben, Mike and Devon which means there is a tie for Mike and Devon. There is a re-vote for Mike and Devon. The votes for the re-vote are Devon, Mike and Mike. Mike is the next member of the Jury!

Back at camp, everyone is celebrating making it to final 4. They then start talking about how Ben has successfully used an idol three times in a row. Ben knows he has to win the next immunity challenge or else he is going next. Chrissy knows that she needs to get Ben out next and knows that as long as Ben doesn’t win the immunity challenge, Ben will be out, but Jeff mentioned a twist and that has her worried.

It is time for the final immunity challenge of the season! This challenge has them stacking letter blocks on a wobbly platform and the first person to spell out Heroes, Healers and Hustlers will win immunity. They also find out what the twist is. The winner of this challenge will not only win immunity and a spot in the final 3, but they will get another secret advantage!

Ben and Ryan are done with Heroes and move on to the next word. Devon and Chrissy are having a hard time when they are locking in their platforms because the platform shakes slightly. Ben thinks he has it, but the U in Hustlers is upside down and when he goes to fix it, almost all his block fall. Everyone else also has most of their blocks fall. Ben is quickly trying to get his blocks put back up, but maybe too quickly because he loses all of his blocks this time.

After some more struggling, Chrissy has a pretty healthy lead, but Ben has all his blocks with him where Chrissy has to go get the rest of hers. Ben gets all his letters up and goes to lock it in and loses almost half of his blocks which gives Chrissy the chance to break the record for the number of individual immunity idols won by a woman on Survivor and she does it! Ben clearly looks defeated and Chrissy is overwhelmed by emotions knowing that she just broke a Survivor record and that she has made it to the final 3. She not only gets immunity, but gets the last secret of the game.

Back at camp, Ben is beating himself up over this loss. This million dollars meant he could retire and pay for his kids to go to college. Ben pulls Chrissy aside to find out from her if there is a chance that he could stay in the game and she tells him that she will promise to at least hear him out at Tribal, but she tells us there is no way.

The secret advantage is in the form of information. The information is that she will be the only one voting at Tribal and that person will sit next to her at the final Tribal. Which will put the other two into a fire making challenge to battle their way into the final 3! There is still a chance for Ben to make it to the end. She decides to take Ryan with her to the final Tribal and puts Devon up against Ben because he can make a fire, but Ryan can’t beat Ben. Devon is hard at work practicing for this challenge. While he is practicing, his flint breaks and he uses this as a sign that he needs to just clear his head for this challenge. Ben has no idea that he is going into a fire making challenge.

It is time for Tribal Council! It is time to reveal the secret advantage to the group. Ben doesn’t seem surprised that he wasn’t told about the advantage while Ryan and Devon were both told. It is time for Chrissy to pick the person sitting next to her at the final Tribal Council and she does choose Ryan. Ben tells Jeff that he feels awesome about this because he has a chance to stay in this game when he thought he was a goner. Devon also likes that he can put his fate into his own hands.

It is time for the fire making challenge and the winner of this challenge and the third person heading to the final Tribal Council is Ben! Definitely not the way Chrissy, Ryan or Devon wanted it to go, but Ben is going on to the final three. Can he convince the Jurors that he deserves to win? We will find out soon enough!

Back at camp for their final day at camp, Ben, Chrissy and Ryan are enjoying mimosas and a big meal. It is now time for the final Tribal Council and for the remaining castaways to plead their cases to the jury. The jury is asking questions now and the first question is to Ryan asking him why he thinks he deserves to be sitting there even though it seems like he is only sitting there because Chrissy knows she can beat him. He tells them that even though he didn’t have talks with everyone, but he used Devon to do some of that talking.

Talks turn on the social aspects of the game and Chrissy is talking about how well her social game was, but the Jury thinks that she didn’t use her friendships as an advantage in the game. Things then turn to the survival part of the game and how everyone handled surviving on the island. It sounds like the jury is leaning towards Ben being the better player, but we will have to see how this plays out.

After the final three make their final arguments, the Jury is taking it all in and then voting for who they think should win Survivor season 35! Who will it be? We are about to find out! The votes are in and tallied. They are as follows:

  1. Ben
  2. Ryan
  3. Chrissy
  4. Chrissy
  5. Ben
  6. Ben
  7. Ben

With that ladies and gentleman Ben has won Survivor season 35!

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