Survivor 2017 Preview: Season 35 Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Survivor season 35 we watched as the remaining castaways talked about getting rid of Ben next, but is that how things really went? Ben went off looking for an idol as soon as he woke up because when an idol is played, it’s released back into the game. Chrissy was hoping that Ben didn’t find it, but could her outlook change tonight on the Survivor 2017 finale!

The reward challenge last week involved the castaways competing in pairs and they won a helicopter ride to a feast of lamb, chicken and lobster. They also got to spend the night in a real bed! You could imagine that they all really wanted to win this challenge, but in the end, Devon and Chrissy won reward! They were able to pick one person to go with them and they chose to bring Ryan with them.

Ashley was clearly surprised by this decision because she thought that she was in an alliance with Devon. Her being so made about this challenge gives Ben the ammunition he needed to get the rest of the castaways to target her. While on their reward, Chirssy, Devon and Ryan talk about needing to get Ben out first because he is the biggest threat. They also talked about Mike being a threat but he hasn’t done anything to anyone to make anyone mad.

After Chrissy pulls off a win in the Immunity Challenge, Ben goes back to search for the idol again. There were talks from Ashley to split the vote between Ben and Mike and see if one of them plays the idol, but Chrissy wants to see Ashley go home first. Ben also manages to find a clue that leads him right to the immunity idol.

Before Tribal Council all we knew was that Chrissy was safe because she has immunity and Ashley and Ben were the targets. In the end, Ashley was voted off because Ben was able to find the immunity idol before Tribal Council and decided to play it before the castaways even went to vote. Chrissy, Ben, Ryan, Devon and Mike were on their way to the finale!

Tonight on the two hour season finale of Survivor, we will watch as Chrissy tries to mend her friendship with Ben, but she still doesn’t really trust Ben. By the end of the night we will find out who will win Survivor season 35! Let me know in the comments below who you hope wins tonight!

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