Survivor 2017 Preview: Season 35 Episode 12 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Survivor season 35 we watched as the castaways got a much needed visit from their loved ones and helped them participate in the reward challenge. The winner of the reward challenge was able to have a meal and some time with their loved one and got to pick three other castaways to join them. While they all enjoyed their time with their loved ones, one of the other castaways found half of a hidden immunity idol and a clue as to where to find the missing piece.

After the reward challenge, immunity was up for grabs in a challenge that left the castaways exhausted, but allowed for the second half of the immunity idol to be found. This could have saved the day for that castaway, but when someone tries to put a target on their back, they use a piece of the idol to try and gain trust from another castaway. Half of the idol is given to another castaway as a way to say “you can trust me” but it turned into a pretty big mistake.

At Tribal Council, things got a little crazy and everyone decided that they were going to vote Ben out. Everyone got up and walked around and whispered to each other and agreed that Ben calling everyone out was going to make this game difficult for anyone to win. Things didn’t go according to plan though when Ben decided to use his hidden Immunity Idol. To get all the details of last week’s episode of Survivor 2017, including who went on to become the next member of Jury, check out my full recap right here for all the details!

Tonight, Ben has a huge target on his back and he is practically playing this game on his own, but will the rest of the castaways be able to vote him off? Will he manage to win Immunity to keep his torch lit? You will have to come back later tonight to find out! For now, check out this preview of tonight’s episode of Survivor season 35 and make sure you come back later tonight for all the details of tonight’s episode with my Survivor live recap!

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