The Walking Dead 2017 Mid-Season Finale Recap – How It’s Gotta Be

Tonight we get a special 90 minute episode of The Walking Dead season 8. The downfall to this is it’s the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead 2017. If you missed last week’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8, check out my The Walking Dead 2017 recap right here to get caught up! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead off with Rick, Jadis and the other Scavengers being shot at and Jerry and Carol coming to the rescue. She is able to pick up Rick. Meanwhile, we are getting flashbacks of Carl and Rick talking about the future and how Carl thinks that killing all the Saviors might not be the best plan. Carl thinks that if they can some how find common ground and work together, things might be better off.

We then get a look at Enid and Aaron driving on their quest. Enid is wondering if Ocean Side will even talk to them when they get there and Aaron seems to be a little out of it. He tells her that he was just remembering how him and Eric used to take these trips together when they were looking for people to bring to Alexandria. They then get back to their conversation about Ocean Side and Aaron tells her that he is optimistic. He then asks her if she can drive and she tells him she can. On their way, Enid thinks that a detour is needed so they can bring something to Ocean Side as a gift.

Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, the crew is getting ready for the next step in their plan. Now that the wall is open and the walkers are in the Sanctuary, it’s time to move to the next phase. Back with Aaron and Enid, they are stopping at an old distillery and grab a truck, they then pick a spot to camp out for the night. In the middle of the night, Aaron notices something moving near the truck and wakes up Enid. They get out of the car and find someone there. Enid shoots her and it ends up being Natania, Cyndie’s grandmother. Cyndie and another member of Ocean Side show up.

Negan has shown up at Alexandria and has given the people inside three minutes to open the gate or else him and his people are going to start shooting. Over at the Kingdom, Ezekiel is still sitting on his throne and he is reading a note. Moments later, he hears a crash outside and gets and runs to safety. Many men with flashlights and guns come in to search the place just seconds after Ezekiel hides.

Maggie, Jesus and a few others from the Hilltop are driving when all of a sudden they come across a tree down in the road. They realize that this is a trap and while they are stopped, they end up surrounded by the Saviors. They open the back of a box truck that they have parked in front of Maggie and Jesus’ vehicle and Simon comes out as the men in the back of the truck and drag Jerry out.

Back at Alexandria, Carl is trying to get Michonne, Tara, Rosita and the rest of the group to run out the back, or at least make it look like they did. The Kingdom is currently being taken over by the Saviors. One of Negan’s men is telling everyone there that any able bodied people will be going to the Sanctuary to fix their home and while they are doing so, some of the Saviors will be staying at the Kingdom until they are finished. He also mentions that everything they produce there from now on belongs to Negan and the Saviors.

Back on the road, Simon is telling Maggie and her people that they need to hand over their guns and then tells his friend Gary to shoot Jerry if anyone tries anything. Alexandria is currently getting ready to fight Negan and his people and he is threatening to kill Rick, but Carl tells him that he isn’t home. Negan then tells him that he doesn’t care if his Daddy is home or not. Carl then tells him that there are kids inside here and families. Negan then tells him that there were kids at the Sanctuary too. Carl then tells Negan that they can talk this out, they can figure out a common ground. Negan tells him that there is going to have to be punishment and apologies.

Carl tells Negan to kill him. Negan asks him if he wants to die. Carl tells Negan that no, he doesn’t want to die, but if someone has to pay for all of this in order to make things right, he will be that person. Meanwhile, Daryl and the rest of the group get into trucks and cars and drive through the back wall of Alexandria. Negan isn’t happy about that at all and orders his people to start shooting. Carl is walking around the back fence of Alexandria and throwing down some smoke bombs behind him to make it harder for the Saviors to see him. Meanwhile, Alexandria is being burned to the ground by Negan and his people.

At the Kingdom, Ezekiel is being called out. Negan’s man isn’t expecting anyone to give him up, but threatens to do something traumatic if someone doesn’t turn him over. When no one jumps at the opportunity to turn Ezekiel over, the Savior tells them that they have five minutes to give him what they want or things will happen Negan’s way.

Back at the roadblock, Simon is telling Maggie and Jesus what’s going on at the other communities. He then tells them that the Hilltop made it out on top in this deal because they will be kept open for business so they can continue to produce food. Simon tells them that they have two options, they can continue to fight them and Maggie will end up brought back to the Hilltop and kill her in front of all of her people and then bring her back to the Sanctuary and put her on a spike in front of HQ. Or, they can go back home, but one of her people will still have to die. Simon shoots Neil and she tells Simon that he doesn’t have to do anything else, all she wants is a favor. She asks him for the box in the back of the truck so that she can bury Neil in. He tells her that her favor has been granted.

Meanwhile, Eugene is at the Sanctuary trying to sleep, but isn’t able to. He turns on his light and sits up to pour himself a drink. He takes a sip of it, lays back down and turns off his light. Seconds later, he turns it back on and starts to cry. Looks like someone is starting to feel guilty for turning his back on Rick and the rest of the group.

Outside of Alexandria, Daryl, Michonne, Tara and Rosita are waiting for Dwight and the the group of Saviors with him to drive up. He is purposely driving towards them and the girl in the passenger side is telling Dwight that he is going to get them all killed and that he is driving into a trap, but he keeps going. Daryl and the rest open fire on them when they get close enough and kills all of them, but the girl in the car with Dwight is still alive and has realized that Dwight was the mole. She shoots him in the arm.

Meanwhile, Carl is still inside Alexandria and Negan has told his men to find him, tie him up and bring him to Negan. Negan tells them that he will be in Rick’s house making spaghetti. Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene is visiting Gabriel and tells him that the guard at the north side of the gate is out of commission and what he does with that information is up to him. The doctor is in the room and asks what’s going on. Eugene tells him that Gabriel thinks that he is on a quest from God to return him to the Hilltop so that he can deliver Maggie’s baby when the time comes. On his way out, Eugene drops a set of keys and says “oh my, it looks like I dropped a set of keys belonging to a vehicle outside the north gate. Gabriel tells him that he is doing the right thing.

Back at the Kingdom, Ezekiel has sacrificed himself and told Carol to save them and leave him. He padlocks a chain on the door behind him and he runs to hide from Negan’s men. Maggie gets back to the Hilltop and calls for one of the Saviors inside the cage they made and asks one of the other guys for their gun. She shoots the guy and then tells the rest that the Saviors took one of theirs and they aren’t even after this, but it’s a start.

Dwight yells out to Daryl and the rest to tell them that it’s over. Dwight tells them that he made sure they made it out the back and made sure to drive the convoy right to them. The woman who was with him got away though and he can’t go back because she is going to tell Negan everything. Daryl asks Dwight how the Saviors got out of the Sanctuary and he tells him with the help of an idea from Eugene. Michonne tells them that they have to get back and when they get there, Alexandria is on fire.

Maggie put the Savoir’s body in the pine box with a note on it that says “We have 38 more. STAND DOWN” and tells one of her men to put it where they will find it. Back at Alexandria, Rosita is going into one of the sewers to get back into Alexandria and instead of following behind her, Michonne covers up the opening. Rick gets back to Alexandria and he is in his house looking for his family, but he finds Negan in his house who starts to beat the hell out of him. While they are fighting, Negan is talking to Rick telling him about how Carl volunteered to die for them. Negan also tells him that he like Carl and he can’t wait for him to be a Savior and work with him. Rick ends up thrown out a window during their fight and runs off.

Michonne gets back into Alexandria her own way and is marching towards her house when she is grabbed by a Savior, but she fights him off and kills him. Rick comes up behind her and stops her from repeatedly stabbing the man. Rick asks where they are and she brings him to the Sewers where all the members of Alexandria are hiding out.

We end the episode with a quick look at everyone and a look at Rick walking through the Sewer. He finds Carl and Saddiq at the end. Carl shows Michonne and Rick that he has been bitten. Rick and Michonne are clearly upset, but when did this happen? Is that why he offered to die for the people of Alexandria? He knew he was going to die anyways? What is going to happen with Jerry? Ezekiel? The rest of the Kingdom? We will have to wait until February 25th to find out! Let me know what you thought of this mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 8 in the comments below or on social media!

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