The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: Episode 7 – Time for After

On tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead 2017, we will watch as Negan enlists the help of his lieutenants. They need to solve a huge issue facing the Sanctuary. Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 right here! If you need to catch up, you can find my full recap of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead 2017 right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 started off with a look at Rick who is still locked up in the shipping container that Jadis put him in. He is looking out one of the holes in the container when all of a sudden the doors open. He tells Jadis that it isn’t too late for them, they can either join them or they can die. She takes a picture of him standing there wearing nothing but his underwear and then closes the doors, but not before Rick can ask her why she took the pictures. She tells him it’s so they can sculpt him after, he asks “after what?”but she just tells him “after” and closes the doors.

We then get a look at Eugene who is pacing and then stops and starts writing in his notebook. He then leaves the room and goes to talk to Dwight and tells him it doesn’t take someone with a lot of smarts to realize that Dwight is the mole inside the compound. Eugene tells him that if he stops colluding, Eugene will promise not to tell Negan what he knows already. Dwight then grabs Eugene by his collar and tells him that Negan’s finished, the Saviors are finished and then continues by telling Eugene that they just need to sit back and watch it play out. Eugene reiterates that Dwight’s secret is safe with him as long as he doesn’t do anything that will hurt someone inside the walls.

When Eugene leaves the room, he is stopped by the doctor with news about Gabriel, he is sick and has multiple infections. The doctor asks him to sit with him for a bit while he runs to get some herbs to try some Eastern Medicine on him. Gabriel wakes up and asks Eugene to sit with him and then tells him that Eugene looks worse than him. Eugene makes a joke about not appreciating that because Gabriel looks like a “potato and shit casserole.” He sits with Gabriel and asks Eugene if he is going to help him get Dr. Carson out of there. Eugene, in his own way, tells him that with all the walkers surrounding the compound and the fact that he doesn’t do anything for anyone unless it benefits him, he has no intentions to help him. Gabriel reminds him that it isn’t too late to do the right thing.

Eugene is in his room when one of the women from the Sanctuary comes in asking about a boombox that she asked him to fix, but he hasn’t gotten around to doing it. She then goes to leave with the bottle of alcohol she was going to give him for payment, but he stops her and tells her she needs it in order to sleep. She tells him that she understands, but she gave him the opportunity to change the Sanctuary into something else. She is the same woman who went to Eugene for poison to kill Negan, but he declined to help them. She gives him an earful about how he could have changed all this and then goes to leave, someone comes to tell Eugene that Negan wants him.

Meanwhile, Michonne, Rosita, Daryl and Tara are talking about how they can take down the rest of the people in the Sanctuary. They decide that driving their truck into the front gate is their best way in. Back at the Sanctuary, Negan is telling Eugene that if things don’t get fixed there soon, a lot of people are going to die. After their conversation, Negan goes to shake Eugene’s hand and he Eugene looks at him with confusion. Negan tells him that he just wanted to shake his hand, but he knows why that would be confusing. Tells Eugene that shaking hands is a sign of mutual respect and he doesn’t do that kind of thing often. Eugene stands up, shakes his hand and then tells him there is work that needs to be done and leaves.

Eugene is fixing the boombox when he seems to get distracted. He goes snooping around and comes across the coffin that Sasha came out of and has a flashback of her as a walker. Eugene looks inside and comes across the iPod she had inside there with her. We then see Daryl, Michonne and Tara in the garbage truck, Morgan keeping watch. Tara gets out of the truck and tells Michonne that there is somewhere they can hideout, but before Michonne gets out, her and Daryl have a chat. She tells him that she needs to know that this is going to work, because she doesn’t think that this is worth rising themselves over. He tells her he thinks it is, she tells him that she hopes this works, but she doesn’t think she can do it. He tells her that she shouldn’t then. She leaves and Tara comes around the driver side and tells Daryl that they have Morgan and the snipers and that they can do this. He tells her that they can and they will.

It is time for them to put their plan into motion, meanwhile, Eugene is inside attempting to put his own plan into place to get rid of the walkers. He is using a remote controlled plane that he made and the iPod hooked up to speakers to try and lure them away. When Dwight sees this, he puts a gun to his head and tells him to stop, but Eugene takes his chances and flies it anyways. Dwight shoots it down. Meanwhile, Daryl, Tara, Morgan and the snipers are trying to find their way into the Sanctuary.

First they drive the garbage truck into the side of the building, opening up the wall and creating a diversion. They start to go in through another entrance while the Saviors are trying to get rid of all the walkers that are now taking over the inside of the Sanctuary. Eugene runs back inside to see the mayhem and starts to have a bit of a breakdown, but then runs back in to talk to Gabriel. He makes sure that Gabriel that he is not going to “do the right thing,” tells him he will never be on board with their plan to move the doctor.

He then goes to talk to Negan. Tells Negan that they need to fight back. Negan tells him that it is going to take a lot of bullets, but Eugene makes sure to tell him that he can make him more bullets if he gets him to his machines or the machines to him. Negan asks him how it feels to be the second most important person there and how it feels to be saving all these people. Eugene tells him it feels great. Eugene then tells Negan that he has something else to add to this plan, but Dwight comes with a couple of the others and Eugene doesn’t tell him what he was originally thinking and changes his story. We then see Eugene go back to his room and starts drinking the bottle of wine that the woman with the boombox left for him despite him not fixing it for her on time.

We end tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 off with Rick being pulled out of the shipping container. He is brought to the middle of the lot and put on his knees. Another shipping container is opened and it is one of Jadis’ people with a walker on a poll. Looked like they were going to have the walker bite Rick so that they can sculpt the “after,” but Rick is able to get out of the way and fight his way out of the situation. He then goes after Jadis and pins her to the ground right next to the walkers face and tells her and all her people that he is going to leave now and no one is going to stop him.

He then asks Jadis if they are done and she tells him “yes.” When he gets up, she tells him that she will work with them if after everything is done they get all the Saviors things. He tells her it will be all of there’s and the Scavengers will get a fourth. She tells him a half, he goes back with a fourth and she tells him a fourth if she can sculpt him naked. He laughs at her and tells her a fourth and he gets his clothes back now. Rick tells her the plan, but he doesn’t know that some of the plan was already botched thanks to Daryl, Tara and Morgan going rogue. He finds out about it though.

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