Survivor 2017 Recap: Episode 10 – Buy One, Get One Free

Tonight we will not only get two hours of Survivor season 35, but we will also watch as two more castaways are added to the jury. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 2017 right here. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor season 35, you can find all the details right here with my full recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with everyone coming back from Tribal Council and Joe thinks it was stupid that Mike used his idol. He tells us that he used it because he didn’t want to go home with an idol in his pocket. Problem is him and Joe are still the targets, unless they can win immunity.

It is time for the reward challenge. The castaways will be using their bare feet only for this challenge and they will be putting together a tower with them. The first person to get it done wins a sky tour, cheeseburgers, french fries and beer! There are three levels to this tower and Mike is the first one to start that third row, but even after he gets that up, he still has to put a flag in it. When Mike goes to put the flag in, he knocks over one of his blocks. Lauren is right behind him and manages to put her flag up before Mike can fix his tower! Lauren wins the individual reward. She is told that she can take three people with her and she chooses to bring Devon, Ben and Ashley.

Back at the camp, Ryan is thinking that Joe and Mike are making it pretty easy to get his alliance of seven through the next two Tribal Council. Ryan and Chrissy are talking about how Ben needs to be the first one voted out first, but meanwhile, Lauren, Devon, Ben and Ashley are talking about how strong they are going to be the top four. Ashley thinks that’s a great idea, but Lauren mentions that they need to keep Joe and Mike around a little longer. While they are all eating and talking strategy, they all find something on the tray under the hamburger buns. It’s letters from home!

Ben discovers something while reading his letters from home, it’s a clue to a hidden immunity idol and he goes on a hunt for it! He manages to find it. It is now time for the immunity challenge where they castaways will be doing another balance challenge where they will be standing on a triangle that is floating in the ocean. They are told that they can either compete for immunity or they can eat. Lauren, Ben and Devon sit out and eat, the others compete for immunity. After everything was said and done, Ashley walked away with the immunity necklace for the week.

Ryan is not thrilled with Lauren, Devon and Ben sitting and eating instead of competing. Chrissy and Ryan are pretty clueless as to what’s going on, Lauren, Ashley, Ben and Devon are talking about which of the others they will be getting rid of. Devon thinks that if he can get Ben to vote for Mike, then the others will go to him to talk to him about how they feel about the blindside that is about to happen. Ben is okay with this.

It is time for the first Tribal Council for tonight! There is a lot of talk about the alliance of seven and the other two and how they are the biggest targets. There is a lot of talk about loyalty and trust and how there are probably smaller alliances within the alliance of seven. How will they vote? It’s time to find out! The votes are in and tallied. The votes are Mike, Joe, Mike, Mike, JP, JP, JP, JP and JP! They went through with the blindside!

When they get back to camp, Joe is trying to make everyone think that blindsiding JP was all his idea. Ben isn’t happy about that, but he is happy that he has an in with Joe and Mike, this way he can get information for his real alliance! Now, Ryan is working on repairing his trust with Devon.

It is time for the second reward challenge of the night and with this challenge they will be divided into two teams, they will then use longs to push puzzle pieces through a tunnel and the first team to finish putting the puzzle together wins. They will be competing for food and massages! The teams are Ryan, Lauren, Chrissy and Mike (Red) versus Ben, Devon, Joe and Ashley (Blue).

Blue is the first team to be able to untie their log bags while Red is still struggling to get them to their mat. Blue is the first team to get their puzzle pieces through the other side and start putting them together. Red isn’t too far behind them though. Blue is having a hard time getting the pieces in order, which allows Red to catch up a little. Blue still manages to win this challenge though and will go on to eat great and get massages!

Meanwhile, back at camp, Ryan and Mike are talking and Ryan tells Mike that he had wanted to work with him, but Mike doesn’t believe him at all. Chrissy and Lauren are also talking and Chrissy is telling her that her and Ryan wanted to take Lauren to final three, but Lauren doesn’t really care what she has to say.

Later on Chrissy starts to feel the effects of the game of Survivor and being hungry and beaten down. It is not time for the second immunity challenge of the night. They will be using a small wheelbarrow looking thing to transport a key in an urn to a set of puzzle pieces that are locked. They will have to unlock the pieces and put the puzzle together as quickly as possible to win this challenge. The obstacle course is a lot harder than it looks and some of the castaways have to start over because they drop their keys.

They now have to us the wheelbarrow to transport the pieces ad start putting their puzzles together once they are all there. At this point, Devon is in the lead and gets all his puzzle pieces transported and starts working on the puzzle. Ben and Ashley are right behind him. They can’t seem to figure out what the puzzle is supposed to say though. It is one word, but because of all the time they have spent on the island and not eating properly, they can’t figure it out. Chrissy is the first to realize that the word they are looking for is “Invulnerable” and a couple others are looking at her to get a clue. She is able to get it up first though and wins immunity!

When they get back to camp, Joe is in the talks of being voted off next, but they come up with a story to make them think that Ben is the next one out. Devon, Lauren and Ashley tell Mike and Joe that Lauren has an extra vote and that Lauren, her extra vote and Ashley will vote for one person and the other three will vote for another person and split the vote trying to pull an immunity idol out and then when they revote they will vote Ben out.

This is at first a fake plan, but Ashley and Lauren start talking about how maybe they should get Ben out. Ashley goes to talk to Devon about it and he isn’t sure about whether that is a better idea than getting rid of Joe. Could their be another blindside? We are about to find out! It’s Tribal Council time! There is a lot of talk about how the alliances have shifted, but Mike and Joe are the only ones convinced that they have. Ben thinks he is still a mole for this new alliance of his, but he might be on his way out next. Who will go home this time around? We are about to find out because the votes are in and they have been tallied!

Before the votes are read off, Ryan uses his immunity idol. The votes are Ryan, Ryan, Ashley, Ashley, Joe, Joe, Joe and Joe! Joe has been voted off this time!

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