Survivor 2017 Preview: Season 35 Episode 10 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Survivor season 35 we watched as the castaways competed in a reward challenge and some of them won sandwiches on a private yacht. Ryan had a hard time keeping the news of his idol to himself and when he went and told Ben and Devon about it, he wasn’t expecting them to talk about it with each other. Devon thought that he was the only one Ryan told, but clearly he was mistaken.

We then watched as the castaways competed for immunity and in the end, Lauren ended up winning immunity for the week. Cole was nervous about him not winning immunity because he knew that the rest of the castaways saw him as a threat when it came to winning those challenges. That meant that they needed to make their move now in order to get him off the island. If you missed last weeks’s episode of Survivor 2017, you can get all the information, including who the second jury member is, right here with my Survivor season 35 recap!

Tonight on Survivor 2017, we will be watching a special two hour episode called “Buy One, Get One Free” and we will find out who the next two members of the jury will be. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode and get a glimpse of tonight’s reward challenge right here! Tonight they will be playing for a sky tour, cheeseburgers and ice cold beer! Make sure you come back tonight for my full Survivor season 35 live recap!

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