The Walking Dead 2017 Recap: Episode 6 – The King, The Widow and Rick

Tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 we will watch as Rick tries to make a deal with Jadis and the rest of the Scanvengers. We will also find out who the crossover character is for the Fear The Walking Dead crossover episode! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead 2017 here! If you missed last week’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8, check out my full recap here to get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 off with a look at everyone returning to their communities. Carol, Michonne, Rick and Maggie all have people handing them letters from the others to see how their part of the plan went. Rick tells them all that they will meet at the Sanctuary in two days to finish this.

We then get a look at Jadis and the rest of the Scavengers. Jadis is making a sculpture out of wire when all of a sudden they hear someone at their gate. It’s Rick and he wants to talk to Jadis about trying to make a deal with her and her group. They go back and forth about how she stabbed them in the back and shot Rick, Rick tells her that she just grazed him. He then tells them that they both need each other in order to take out Negan and the Saviors. After giving them a speech about how they can defeat Negan, Jadis tells him “no.”

Back in Hilltop, we are getting a look at Jesus giving some food to the Saviors that they have outside their walls. Maggie goes out to tell Jesus that the food in the cellar is there for a reason and just because they have enough now, doesn’t mean that can’t change. Gregory comes out and makes a suggestion, but Maggie dismisses him. She then gives Jesus a look like his suggestion is on the table because they need to finish this. She is pissed at Jesus for putting them in this situation.

Maggie then has a conversation with Gregory, he is trying to convince her that she needs his help keeping the community together. Back in Alexandria, Michonne is trying to take off and Rosita is trying to tell her she should stay and rest because she is still healing. She tells Rosita that she will be right back, Rosita doesn’t let her leave alone and gets into the car with her. Daryl and Tara are having a conversation now, she tells him that he was right not to kill Dwight, but when this is all over, she is going to kill him.

Back at the Hilltop, Jesus and a couple others are watching the Saviors outside the gate and it’s dark. They hear walkers in the distance and one of the Saviors is trying to talk to Jesus and make a connection with him in anyway. While Michonne and Rosita are out driving, they hear something. It sounds like music, like a choir. When they go to investigate it, they see a building

Meanwhile, Carl is out roaming around in the woods and he comes across the man who he saw at the gas station. He tells the man that he wasn’t shooting at him the other day, it was his dad and they were only warning shots. He tells him he has water and food for him and throws them to him. The man thanks him and Carl asks him a few questions, how many walkers he has killed, how many men he has killed and then asks him about the walker traps he is setting. The man’s name is Saddiq.

Earlier in the episode, Carol tried to get Ezekiel to come with her to meet with Rick, but he doesn’t leave. One of the kids asks if he can come with her, but she ignores him. He can’t be more than 10 years old. Later she finds him in the woods fending off walkers and she asks him what he is doing, he tells her that he needs to go with her to find the people who killed his family. She tells him that he can come, but he isn’t going to be armed with nothing but a stick. She gives him a gun and asks him if he knows how to use it. He tells her that he watched her train the others. She tells him the safety stays on unless she tells him otherwise.

Back outside the Hilltop, Enid comes out and tells Jesus that Maggie said to bring them in. You can tell that Gregory isn’t happy about this and he tells her that you can’t let people they can’t trust run around inside their walls. She tells him that he is right and she puts Gregory into the cage that they put together with the rest of prisoners.

Carl is still with Saddiq in the woods, they are heading back to Alexandria and on their way, they come across a group of walkers feeding on something. More of them show up and Carl ends up on the ground with a coupe coming at him. He manages to get to his gun and fend them off. Saddiq tells Carl that he didn’t have to stay and help him, he also tells him that he doesn’t want to start any problems. Carl tells him that sometimes kids have to show their parents what’s right.

Rosita and Michonne are inside that building and they found a couple of people talking about Rick and the Saviors. How Negan is going to help them. While Michonne and Rosita are walking around, Michonne kicks a tennis ball and spooks the two people inside. There is some gunfire and Michonne and Rosita find themselves in a situation. Rosita throws something across the room and Michonne attacks the woman there. The woman tells her male friend to get to the sanctuary, but Rosita stops him with a rocket launcher. The woman gets away and tries to drive off but Daryl and Tara show up and hit the woman’s truck with a garbage truck.

When Tara asks them what they are doing out there, Michonne tells her that she needs to see the Sanctuary. Tara tells her that she does too. We end tonight’s episode off with Carol about to shoot open Ezekiel’s door, but Jerry tells her that the door is unlocked. Ezekiel tells Carol that he knows what she needs him to do, but he can’t. She tells him that his people need him. He tells her that he played a part, he isn’t a king, he is only a king because he called himself one. He tells her that he can’t be what they need and then asks her to please leave him alone.

She goes to leave the room, but then turns around and asks him why he kept coming to visit her, he tells her it was his duty to make sure she was okay. She tells him that she was okay and then asks him why he really did it. He tells her that she made him feel real, not of fiction. She tells him that he is real, to her, to the Kingdom. She tells him that they need their king to lead them. He tells her that she can lead them, but she tells him it has to be him because he inspired them to build this place. He has to be the one to help them grieve, to move on. They need him, the boy needs him. She tells him that even if it’s an act, that’s what he has to do. He needs to act like everything is okay, until it is. He tells her that he can’t.

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie, Enid and Aaron are all talking, he is telling them about how he is feeling about the death of his partner. Jesus then comes in to thank Maggie for what she is doing, she tells him that she is using them as bargaining chips for when they need to get their people back. Meanwhile, Aaron is getting ready to leave and Enid asks him if she can come with him. He tells her to grab her stuff and some food, they might be gone for a while.

Meanwhile, Daryl brings the girls to the sanctuary to show them. He is then asked what he needs them for and he tells them “to end this thing, right now.” Back at the Scavengers camp we see a man in a storage container and he is being kept in there naked. Then we see that it’s Rick!

Looks like the announcement for the crossover character is going to be happening on Talking Dead! After watching Talking Dead, it has been revealed that the crossover will happen in Fear the Walking Dead season 4 and the character that will be crossing over into the Fear the Walking Dead is going to be Morgan!

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