Damnation 2017 Recap: Season 1 Episode 3 – One Penny

Tonight on Damnation season 1, the farms start to face foreclosure and Seth and Amelia find themselves scrambling to win them back. Keep reading my Damnation 2017 recap right here for all the details of tonight’s episode! Let me know what you think of this season of Damnation in the comments below or on social media!

SPOILER ALERT: Damnation 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Damnation season 1 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of Damnation season 1 started off with Amelia obsessing with the picture that Creeley left behind when he visited. Amelia and Seth are talking and he tells her that none of that stuff mattered because he isn’t the man he used to be. Meanwhile, back at the brothel, Creeley gave Bessie a new dress to wear. After putting it on, Creeley and Bessie have sex and we see that there is a hole in the wall and they are being watched.

Meanwhile, one of the elderly woman of the town, Mrs. Collinsworth, has an heirloom bible that is about to be auctioned off. They are auctioning off her belongings one by one until her farm is completely sold. As the auction starts, she is up against one other man. As she is bidding, she runs out of money so Seth and Amelia, along with the reporter help her out. Creeley then comes along and bids $40 and wins the bible. He gives it back to Mrs. Collinsworth.

Amelia and Seth are talking and she finally confronts him about the photo that Creeley left on their kitchen table. She asks who the woman in the picture is and he avoids the question several times and she lets him know that she noticed that. Meanwhile, more farmers are getting auction notices on their properties.

We then get a look at Bessie and Creeley who are stopped on the side of the road trying to the car to start when a group of men in black robes and hoods pull up with guns. Creeley tells Bessie not to worry and that he will get them out of this mess, but he finds himself hit upside the head with a gun and Bessie drives off before they can take her. Creeley is loaded up into one of their cars.

Seth goes to visit Sam Jr. in jail and Sam Jr shows him a bruise on his side, Seth tells him that he will get him out of there, he isn’t sure when or how, but he will. On Seth’s way out, he picks a “WANTED” poster off the bulletin board and walks out. Meanwhile, Bessie makes it back to the Brothel and lies to the Madam about where Creeley was.

We then get a look at Creeley who is hanging from a noose with a soap box under his feet in a barn surrounded by the men in black robes. Another of the men walks in and whispers something in the ear of the guy who just hit Creeley with a bat for sleeping with a black woman. He takes his hood off and tells Creeley that he has two choices, he either leaves town with Bessie or he hangs to dead in their barn.

Back at Seth and Amelia’s they are talking about the strike when it turns into a conversation about Amelia’s family, but when Seth starts asking about her family, she shuts him down. Amelia comes up with an idea and tells Seth to call all the farmers and have them meet at the church. Her idea is to intimidate the bankers into keeping the auction prices low so they have the opportunity to buy their stuff back. Meanwhile, they are hiding weapons in bibles.

Bessie goes to see Donald, the sheriff, to tell him about Creeley being ambushed by the Black Legion. She is clearly upset and he asks her if she has feeling for him and she gives him a look. He asks her what she sees in him and she tells him that Creeley is the only one that actually looks at her like a human being.

Donald goes over to the Black Legion’s barn and yells in for them to go out the side door because he doesn’t want to know who they are anymore than they want him to. He goes inside and asks Creeley a couple of questions about who he works for and then kicks the box out from under his feet. He lets him swing there a little bit and then shoots the rope and Creeley falls to the floor.

We end the episode off with Seth and the farmers going to one of the auctions with nothing but bibles in hand, bibles with weapons stashed inside. While the auction was happening, the woman who owns the farm bids one penny and when the auctioneer tries to deny her bid, Seth goes up behind him with a gun and points it to the auctioneers back. He then calls everyone of the farmers to open their bibles and they all stopped from other bids being entered and Mrs. Riley won her family farm back for the price of one penny. No one is happy about this at all!

Later, we watch as Seth tells Amelia who the girl in the photo is. It was his first love and she died because of him. He tells Amelia that everything he does is to right that wound.

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