The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: Episode 5 – The Big Scary U

Tonight on The Walking Dead season 8, the Saviors are trying to figure out which one of their own leaked information to Rick and the rest of his team. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead 2017 with my live recap! If you missed last week’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8, you can get all the details right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 off with a look at the first days that Gregory was at the Saviors compound. He is sitting down with Negan, Dwight, Eugene and a few other Saviors and during this conversation, Negan accuses Gregory of playing both sides of the fight because he didn’t tell Negan about how Maggie was planning this attack with Rick and the rest. Gregory then has to try and convince Negan that he didn’t know about the plan until it was already in place.

Simon tells Gregory that he believes him but he needs to convince Negan and then Simon says something that has Negan all fired up. Negan tells them that he wants Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel alive so that he can kill them all in a very public way. This is all taking place right before Rick and his group come knocking on the gate of the compound, when everything started. This is the meeting that Negan said he was in when he went out to talk to them.

We then get back to present day where Negan and Father Gabriel are locked in a room together trying to stay away from the army of walkers outside the door. Negan tells Gabriel that his friend Rick is an asshole and Gabriel comes back and tells him that he is an asshole. Negan tells him that might be true, but Rick is going to get people killed. Negan then asks Gabriel why he stopped for Gregory after he made it very public that he was siding with the Saviors. Gabriel tells him there has to be a reason and then tells him that maybe he is there to take Negan’s confession!

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl are still trying to get information out of the guy who was driving the truck with the big guns in it. Back to the Saviors, they are assuming that Negan is dead and are putting together a plan on how they can go forward and protect their own. Regina is talking about putting the workers out there and use them as a distraction to get a smaller team inside. Eugene tells them that it wouldn’t work because once the workers are gone, they won’t have enough people to protect their compound.

During this conversation, Simon mentions how they also have to figure out which one of them made what happen out there happen. Dwight doubts Simon’s leadership and he tells Simon that if he can’t lead the Saviors, he will. After Simon leaves the room, Eugene thanks Dwight for his support at the meeting and brings him some cucumbers and tells him these are a token of his thanks and tells him that they will find a way out of this “pickle”, pun intended.

Back in their little enclosure, Gabriel asks Negan “you helped the weak before this?” and he tells him kids. Tell them that if you don’t show them the right way, they become assholes. While they are going back and forth, Gabriel tells him he is weak for killing the innocent and Negan tells him that he is both right and wrong. He is weak, but not because he preys on the innocent. He teaches the innocent to be strong which makes the world strong. While they are talking, a walker breaks his arm through a wood plank.

They then talk about Negan and all his wives and how he forced women to marry him and be his servants in a sense. Gabriel then asks him if there was a wife before all of this, one that he promised to have and to hold through sickness and in health. Negan gets annoyed by the way that the conversation is going and he asks for Lucille to give him strength and starts swinging Lucille at the walkers trying to come through the walls.

Rick and Daryl are going through the overturned truck and they find dynamite. Daryl has the idea to use the dynamite to blow up the compound with everyone in it, but Rick reminds him that there are workers and families in there. He tells Daryl they can’t do this and Daryl tells him “no, you can’t do this” and he walks away. Rick grabs his arm and they go back and forth about how this is a bad idea. This turns into them coming to blows over the situation. During their fight, the dynamite gets thrown on top of the truck and it explodes. Leaving Daryl and Rick staring at it burn.

Moments later, Rick is trying to start the truck and when Daryl comes over and Rick tells him that there is a plan. Daryl gets on his bike and drives off leaving Rick to walk. Meanwhile, Negan is talking to Gabriel who is hiding behind another door inside their already small space. Negan is telling him that they have Lucille and Gabriel’s gun and with those two things, they can make it back to the sanctuary. Gabriel tells him that he will work with him, if he confesses to him. This was after Gabriel confessed about when he locked his congregation out of the church when this all started.

Negan tells Gabriel that his first wife, was his only real wife and he lied to her, cheated on her all while she was sick. Gabriel comes out and tells Negan that he is forgiven. Negan hits him in the arm and thanks him. Tells him that he can keep his gun and then they come up with a plan to get out of where they are hiding out.

They cover themselves in walker blood and made a ton of noise to get them all to file into where they are and they stand very still until there is a path for them to walk out into. They walk with them until Gabriel trips and they are forced to fight their way through. Meanwhile, inside the compound, the workers are starting to defy the rules and are coming upstairs even though they are designated to the factory floor. They are all asking if Negan is dead and Simon, Regina and Dwight don’t answer them, they get a little unruly. Regina pulls her gun and shoots one of the workers. Just then, Negan comes out whistling. They all take a knee and he tells them that he will die when he is ready to die.

Negan gives him a list of things that he is going to do which include showering and food. He then tells them that they will then have to figure out how all of this happened in the first place. Negan then tells his men to bring Gabriel to “number two,” gently. We end the episode off with Negan and the rest of his men talking about the gun that Gabriel had and that it was one of theirs. Rick is still walking when he notices a helicopter flying above him.

Negan then calls Eugene over after their meeting and tells him that if he can figure out what’s going on there, he will make sure that he is a very happy man, but if he doesn’t help them out, then he will make sure that he dies before they start running out of food. Eugene goes to talk to Gabriel, bring him some things and when Gabriel doesn’t answer him at the door, he opens it to find Gabriel sitting in the corner of his room, shivering and not looking too good. Eugene tells him that he needs to see a doctor, but Gabriel tells him that they need to get the doctor out of there because he is Maggie’s doctor.

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