Survivor 2017 Recap: Episode 8 – Playing With The Devil

Tonight on Survivor season 35, one of the remaining castaways will find a secret advantage and I can’t wait to see what this advantage could be. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor 2017, you can find my full recap here! Make sure you keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor season 35 right here and join in the conversation in the comments below or on social media!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of Survivor off with Lauren finding the secret advantage. This advantage allows her to skip voting and use that vote at another Tribal Council in the future. What do you think of this advantage? It is time for a reward challenge! They will be racing up a tower to a series of obstacles which will get them to a bin of sand bags where they will launch them to knock over targets. The winning team will be going to a private island where they will get spaghetti, bread, salad and wine!

There is an odd number of people and the teams will be randomly drawn. There will be one person sitting out and that person will automatically go with the winning team. the competition is pretty close throughout until blue pulls ahead and gets all their targets before the red team can. The winning team consists of Cole, JP, Devon, Ryan, Chrissy and Joe who sat out. There is a twist in this reward. They will be eating one at a time, in private and Joe gets to pick the order in which they eat.

Joe puts himself last, lets Devon go first. He does this to avoid putting a bigger target on himself and hopes to build a better alliance with Devon. JP is the next to go, Cole is next and while Cole is eating and finds a clue on the plate. It says that there is an immunity idol hidden under the tribes flag back at camp. He uses a napkin that the bread was wrapped in to cover the plate and put the spaghetti on top. Chrissy goes next and she is searching for a clue and she finds it. Ryan also finds it but he hides the plate and when Joe goes, he doesn’t see the clue.

When they all get back to camp, Cole goes to use the bathroom, Ryan goes to the flag and finds it. He tells Chrissy to go back and cover up his hole. Funny thing is, Ryan already has it and shoves it into his shorts. Meanwhile, Chrissy and Cole are fighting and digging trying to find it before the other does. Ben thinks that Cole managed to get it because he swears that he saw Cole tuck in his shirt and starts telling everyone at camp that he did.

The immunity challenge this week is to hold a long poll and balance a statue at the end of it, they will have to move periodically. If they fall off the beam they are standing on or if they drop their statue, they are out. After only 10 minutes, more than half of the castaways fall. Ben, JP, Chrissy, Desi and Cole are the last ones standing. Chrissy then falls, then Ben, followed by Desi leaving Cole and JP standing there. JP then falls and Cole wins immunity. Lucky for him because he was going home if he didn’t win.

With Cole winning Immunity, they are now scrambling for another target. Joe is trying to sway Ryan and Devon to vote out Ben because taking Ben to the end is a bad game move for everyone. Ryan agrees, but he doesn’t want to betray Chrissy. Meanwhile, Joe is starting fights with Ben to try and make it look like Ben is the unstable one. Lauren tells Ben that she got a secret advantage and tells him what it says. It’s a blessing and a curse that she got it at this point because if she uses it, the votes will be split. Ben goes to Mike and tries to get him to vote for Joe so that the votes aren’t split.

It’s time for Tribal Council and things get a little heated and it looks like Joe could be the one who ends up going home tonight. Some said that they weren’t sure if he was just really good at the game or just really annoying. It is time to vote and Lauren decides to use her advantage. When Jeff gets back after tallying the votes they are as follows. Ben, Lauren, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe, Desi, Joe. It is time to do a second vote, they can only vote for Desi or Joe to determine which will go home. Will anyone catch on to the fact that there was only 10 votes the first time?

The second vote goes, Desi, Joe, Desi, Desi, Desi, Desi and that’s enough to send Desi home! Was anyone expecting that?

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