Chicago PD 2017 Preview: Episode 7 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Chicago Fire season 5 we watched as the team is investigating the murder of a family, Voight enlists the help of another officer, McGrady. McGrady and Upton have a past, but all we find out through the course of the episode is that they worked together and he at one point asked her to borrow money.

There was a lone survivor of the shooting, the son and is able to remember a tattoo on the man that shot and killed his family and injured him. McGrady, Halstead and Upton are running surveillance on a man named Quentin Kane. McGrady finds in Kane’s file that he has the tattoo that the son mentioned, but his ID was too vague and then end up having to let him go.

McGrady, who is eyeballs deep in gambling debt, decides to commit suicide while waiting for Upton to meet up with him, but he uses blood from an evidence box from a previous case Kane was involved in to try and frame Kane for it. Upton caught onto the missing evidence and brings the information to Voight. Find out what they decided to do here with my full recap of last week’s episode of Chicago PD.

This week on Chicago PD season 5, the Intelligence Unit investigates several gang related child abductions. While racing against the clock to try and find a missing boy, the team scours VA records and tracks the suspects to a former Army Ranger. Halstead, a former Army Ranger himself, convinces Voight to let him go undercover to try and get some information from the inside. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode of Chicago PD right here and let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

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