The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: Episode 4 – Some Guy

Tonight on The Walking Dead 2017, the Saviors have a new weapon in their arsenal that proves to be a huge hurdle as the fights between Rick’s group and the Saviors continue. Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 right here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with a look at a flashback of Ezekiel getting ready for his day and the rest of Ezekiel’s team are getting ready for another day at war. Ezekiel makes his way outside to give his people a pep talk before heading out to continue their fight against the Saviors.

We then get a look at Ezekiel after the shoot out against him and his team and he seems to be the only one who survived the attack. As he searches through the bodies to see if there are any other survivors, his people start turning to walkers. Ezekiel is trying to get away from the walkers that used to be his team, but he is injured and not able to get away quickly. He is able to get a gun and fight a couple off before one of his men shows up to help. Apparently he wasn’t the sole survivor of the attack.

Meanwhile, we get a look at the men who were shooting at Ezekiel and his team and they are packing up their high powered guns and Carol has managed to get into the building. She hides and when all of the men are by her, she opens fire on them and kills all five of them, securing the weapons. Just when we thought she was clear, more men show up and she runs. Back outside, Ezekiel and one of the others are running off. The guy with him is shot and killed and Ezekiel is taken by one of Negan’s men.

The Saviors recover their big guns and get them into their truck to bring them back to the sanctuary. Carol follows them. Meanwhile, Negan’s foot soldier is still trying to take Ezekiel back to the sanctuary too, but Ezekiel isn’t making it easy on him. Carol is still watching over the other men and plans to open fire on them, but she wasn’t anticipating two other’s nearby shooting at her first. Meanwhile, Ezekiel tries to fight the man trying to take him to the sanctuary, but is unsuccessful. When Negan’s man tries to kill Ezekiel, Jerry comes out of nowhere and cuts the guy in half, saving Ezekiel.

Carol surrenders to the men shooting at her and tells them that she can tell them where the rest of them are. When one of them come for her, she grabs him and puts a knife to his throat demanding that they put their guns down. Instead of putting their guns down, they kill their own man and as Carol takes cover, she hits the button for the gate and lets all the walkers from outside it in. Jerry and Ezekiel are outside the gate fighting off the walkers. Carol is still going back and forth with the men trying to take the guns when she notices Ezekiel and Jerry outside the gate fighting off a ton of walkers.

Back in the flashback, Ezekiel and Carol are walking with a big duffle bag and they are talking about when the apocalypse started. He is telling her that he was a zookeeper and he found Sheba bleeding. He decided that he was going to help her, regardless of what a dangerous creature she was. The conversation turned to him asking her if she has always been this strong or if she decided to be that way. She tells her that she decided to be and life decided some things too.

Back in present time, we watch as Carol lets the men with the guns go in order to save Ezekiel and Jerry. Ezekiel tells Carol that they have to find a way to get word to Rick before they get the guns back to the sanctuary. We then hear Daryl’s motorcycle and see as Daryl and Rick are chasing after the men with the guns. One guy is driving and the other is in the back and when he starts shooting, Daryl wipes out on his bike.

Rick continues after the guys but finds himself with a bullet in the radiator of the truck he is driving. Daryl then shows up again and shoots the man in the back of the truck that was shooting and Rick drives up along side of the truck. Rick jumps into the truck with the guy and stabbed the guy in the stomach and grabs the wheel. He steers it off the road and it flips, but he comes out alive. Daryl walks up and tells Rick he looks like shit and Rick tells him they should go see if the asshole is still alive.

We ended tonight’s episode with Carol and Jerry trying to get Ezekiel and themselves to safety. They come across a huge group of walkers and Ezekiel tells them to go on without him, he will hold them off. He goes into this “I’m not a king, I’m just some guy” and Sheva comes out. Unfortunately, Sheva is killed by the walkers. They make it back to town and when the others see only Carol, Jerry and Ezekiel return, they know that their loved ones are gone.

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