Who Was Sent Home on Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 Tonight? Week 6

Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 17 started off with a pizza challenge where each chef went head to head against a chef from the other team. They take turns spinning a wheel to find out which country will be the inspiration behind their pizza. This challenge has two guess judges, Steve Samson and Marino who owns and operates two pizza restaurants of his own. In the end, the Red Team wins the challenge because Giovanni’s pizza was burnt underneath.

The Red Team went on a trip to Hollywood for the day and the Blue Team went back to Hell’s Kitchen to prep for Italian Night! When it comes to dinner service tonight, both struggle through getting the dishes out of the kitchen. There is a lack of communication in both kitchens and things get a little heated in the Red kitchen when Manda asks Michelle to taste her pasta twice and each time she told her it was either close to done or done and it was still raw. Manda can’t eat the pasta herself so she was relying on her. Luckily for Manda, Elise doesn’t want their team to fail and she tells her to cook the second batch longer. Michelle got hit with karma a little later in the night when she slipped and fell while running her lamb to the oven.

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The Blue team has a rough start on lamb and they are brought into the pantry to get a piece of Chef Ramsay’s mind. They go back out and they still can’t manage to get the lamb right and Van starts laughing. He does this out of habit when he is nervous and Chef brings him into the pantry and asks him if he is ready to go home and Van tells him no. He allows him back into the kitchen and manages to get the lamb cooked right when he gets back out there. The Blue Team had a huge issue with Jared who then called for a medic because of a nonexistent cut on his finger.

In the end, the blue team was kicked out of the kitchen, but not before Chef asks the medic where Jared cut was. The medic even told Chef that he couldn’t see the cut. The Blue Team pick Jared and Robyn as their nominees for Chef Ramsay to choose from. Jared tells Ramsay that he is a better chef than Robyn and Robyn tells Chef Ramsay that she would rather be back on the Red Team. Chef Ramsay decides to send Robyn back in line and tells Jared to give him his jacket. Jared is sent home.

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