Law & Order: SVU 2017 Recap: Episode 6 – Unintended Consequences

Tonight on Law & Order: SVU season 19, the team investigates the death of a teenage girl who was last seen alive in a high end rehab facility. Rollins goes undercover to help aid in the investigation. Keep reading my Law & Order: SVU 2017 recap for all the details right here! If you missed last week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, you can find my recap here and get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: Law & Order: SVU 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 do NOT read ahead!

We started this episode off with a young girls being attacked in her room. Meanwhile, Benson and Sheila are at her apartment and Sheila is tucking Noah in. They go out to the kitchen to have tea when Benson gets the call. Sheila offers to stay with Noah, but Benson is already on the phone with Lucy, the sitter.

Benson gets to the scene and they find a young girl and she is dead from an apparent overdose. The ME shows signs of a sexual assault and the heroin in her system is laced with fentanyl. They find an empty baggy and it has a logo on it, they are able to track down a dealer based on it. They bring him in and they ask him some questions and he tells them that he never sold to her. He sold to one of her friends, some guy.

They go and look for the guy he did sell to and he is able to give them a first name on the victim. Her name is Natalie, he doesn’t know her last name, but he knows where she lives. When Benson and Rollins go to talk to the parents, they find out that Natalie wasn’t missing, she was in rehab.

They bring the parents in to identify their daughter. While talking to Benson we find out that Natalie became addicted to heroin after using pain medications for a sports injury. Carisi and Fin go to check in with the rehab facility and the operator tells them that Natalie left when the staff was dealing with an incoming patient. He tells them he didn’t report her missing because no one ever comes when they do.

He has one of the patients in the hallway freaking out and he passes Carisi and Fin off on a social worker. They are talking to her and she can’t give them much information because of confidentiality. After they get back to the precinct, Rollins gets a call about something they found in Natalie’s autopsy. Natalie was in the facility for 6 months and was also two months pregnant. The DNA on the fetus matches the DNA from the rape kit.

Benson goes to talk to her parents and tells them that Natalie was two months pregnant. She also gets them to sign a waiver for the confidentiality agreement. When Fin and Carisi go back to the facility, the operator has already put her file in an offsite records room. They start talking to some of the other young ladies in the facility. None of them seem too happy to be there and one of them actually tells them that she was kidnapped in the middle of the night by them and brought there.

Benson gets a call from Sheila who wants to meet with her. She brings Benson one of Ellie’s old baseball gloves for Noah. She then talks a little about the things that she misses the most about Ellie. They have a conversation that makes Benson double think her doubts about Sheila.

Benson heads back to the precinct and they find a bit more information about Natalie’s last moments. She left the facility, ended up raped and beaten and then went to shoot up. Meanwhile, there was a lawsuit that they were able to dig up, but the woman who tried to sue them signed a disclosure and can’t tell them anything. While talking to this woman, they get a call that they are being denied the records for Natalie from the facility.

When they go before a judge to try and get them to hand them over, they find out in the fine print of a contract that Natalie’s parents signed at intake, they waived their guardianship of Natalie when she went into their care. Which means that they can’t give permission for the files to be released, the facility would have to give them over and we know that’s not going to happen now that it looks like someone there raped Natalie.

Rollins goes undercover and manages to get in as an assistant for the social worker in the facility. While working there she is asked to get some information about the new patient there. While doing so, she realizes that the facility is overbilling the insurance companies. This leads them to talk to one of the former assistants to see if he noticed anything weird with their billing. While talking to him he mentions a sober living house called Altbrook, this was the second time they had heard the name of this place and Rollins and Carisi head over there.

While talking to one of the girls there, they find out that Natalie had relapsed while there. A girl who Carisi knew as Deborah, comes walking through and she is clearly high. Carisi asks where the counselor in charge is and that’s when they hear moaning from the other room and the girl they were talking to points in the direction it’s coming from. They bust the counselor having sex with another resident there and bring him in for questioning.

We end the episode off with Benson and Rollins talking to the operator of the rehab facility and Benson tells him that she realized a lot about his facility. He is over charging the insurance, sending them to the sober living house where the counselor is getting them hooked on drugs again and then they go back to his facility. She tells him that they will prove it in court too. He tells them that there is no way the jury would convict him on anything when all their witnesses are junkies.

Rollins tells Benson that there is someone at the rehab facility with a heart and they go talk to Rosemary the social worker. They tell her that they think that there is a connection between Altbrook and the rehab. They find that the counselor that was having sex with the girls at Altbrook was that connection. He was giving the girls drugs when they got to Altbrook. Rollins gets a call from Rosemary, she has injected the operator of the rehab with heroin laced with fentanyl. He dies and they arrest her.

Benson has to work for a few hours on a Saturday morning and instead of calling Lucy to sit, she calls Sheila and has her come over to hang out with Noah.

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