Chicago PD Season 5 Recap: Episode 6 – Fallen

Tonight on Chicago PD season 5, the team investigates the murder of a family with the help of Vice Sargent Sean McGrady. When McGrady winds up dead, the investigation takes an unlikely turn. Keep reading my Chicago PD 2017 recap to get all the details of tonight’s episode. If you missed last week’s episode, you can find all the details here with my full recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

This episode starts off with the intelligence unit at a party of some kind and while there, Upton notices McGrady get into a shouting match with someone else there. When she goes up to them, they stop and McGrady walks away. Halstead walks over and tells her that they have shots fired nearby. When they get to the location, there is a family shot in their home. The mom and dad are dead, but their son, Ryan, is brought to med.

Ruzek and Atwater go to talk to some of the neighbors. They find out that one of the neighbors heard shouting in the house and then she heard shots. She tells them that a black man ran out of the house and got into a black SUV. After a little more investigating, they find a connection between the father and a guy named Quentin Kane.

Burgess and Antonio go to talk to Ryan when he wakes up and he tells them that he was in his room on the phone when he heard the bell ring, he heard arguing and then shots. He then hid in his closest, but the shooter came up and shot him in the chest. He didn’t know who the shooter was, but ID’d a tattoo on the shooters forearm.

Upton, Halstead and McGrady are in a surveillance van with eyes on Kane and they get a call about Ryan ID’ing the tattoo and they find out that Kane has that tattoo. They pick up Kane and bring him in for questioning. They have to let him go though because the ID of the tattoo was too vague. Halstead asks Upton if she heard from McGrady and she tells him that she is on her way to meet him now. She stops for coffee and then heads to their meeting, but on her way there she hears a call from McGrady who says he’s been shot and by the time she gets there, he’s gone.

The rest of the team gets to the scene and Voight gets some information from Ruzek and Atwater and they tell him that there was a gun found. They tell him that they sent it to the lab and that he could have been jumped or got into it with a CI. Voight then goes to talk to Upton who is clearly upset. McGrady was supposed to wait for her and even though she stopped for coffee, she was still 10 minutes early. Voight implies to her that if she didn’t stop for coffee she would have been there. Upton goes to the memorial for McGrady where she is trying to explain herself to someone who knew her and McGrady. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk to her about this now.

The last call on McGrady’s phone was from a CI named Damon Briggs who has been beefing with McGrady. They find out that McGrady and this CI are fighting over some money that he let McGrady borrow. Sounds like he had a gambling problem, which makes the suspect list a little bigger. Briggs tells them that he was in Wisconsin when McGrady was killed and Kane was in his bar when McGrady was killed. They did get a hit off the DNA on the gun that they found at the scene and Kane’s blood was on it.

They go to Kane’s last known address to look for him, but he isn’t there. They did find drugs and tells his kids mother that they can help her out, but they need to know where Kane is. She tells him that he came bye the night before for his guns and left with his friend Bay Bay. Halstead gets a hit on Bay Bay and go get him. Atwater and Ruzek go through his dufflebag and find cash. He tells them that Kane called him a couple hours ago and told him to gather as much cash as possible and he would call back with a location.

During this line of questioning, they find out that Kane has been in contact with the alderman and Voight goes to see him. He explains to Voight that he is trying to save Kane’s life. He knows that the police won’t hesitate to light him up. Voight agrees to go with him and when he does, Kane comes out with a gun and points it at Voight. He is able to talk Kane down and tells him that they will all leave there alive so he has the chance to tell his side of the story. They do just that.

Kane is brought in and arrested for the murder of McGrady. Upton goes to talk to Ann McGrady to let her know that if her or the kids need anything to call. She thanks her and during this conversation, Ann mentions that a guy named Mike Adams thought that McGrady was stealing money. When Upton goes to talk to Adams, he tells her that he is happy that the case is closed and then mentions reading that they found Kane’s blood on the gun. This makes Upton thinks and she looks into some things. She calls Voight and tells him that she needs to talk to him.

They meet under the train tracks and she tells him that she noticed McGrady’s signature on the evidence locker log and then saw that he signed out some evidence from one of Kane’s old DUI cases. It was a vial of blood. McGrady used that blood to frame Kane for McGrady’s suicide. McGrady was so deep in debt and stealing money for these debts that he decided to kill himself and frame Kane for it to get him off the streets.

We end tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire off with McGrady’s funeral. While at the funeral, Ruzek gets a call and he agrees to meet with whoever is on the other end in an hour. Upton leaves and Voight follows her and gives her a good ole Voight apology. He then asks her if they are going to come forward with the evidence they found or if they were taking it to their grave. Upton is annoyed that McGrady is being seen as some hero when all he did was gamble all his family’s money away and cheated on his wife and tried to destroy her career too. He reminds her that if this comes out, McGrady’s legacy is ruined and his kids will suffer. She decides to take it to her grave.

Ruzek is meeting with Woods and he wants Ruzek to be a snitch for him. He blackmails Ruzek with the fact that he knows that Ruzek has covered things up in the past and tells him that if he doesn’t cooperate, he will call his friend at IAB. When he dials the number and it starts ringing, Ruzek tells him to hang up. Is Ruzek going to be a mole for Woods????

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