This Is Us Season 2 Preview: Episode 7 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on This Is Us 2017, we watched as Kate, Kevin and Randall celebrated Halloween when they were 10 and then again in their 20s. When they were 10, Randall heard from one of the neighbors about the baby that Rebecca and Jack lost and thought that his adoption was to replace the other baby. Rebecca is forced to explain to him that one of their babies died, but he was never meant to replace the baby. She tells him that everything happened the way that it was supposed to and belonged in their family.

We also watched as Kevin and Kate talked a little about their father in their 20s flashback and Randall and Beth welcomed Tess into the world. We also saw a glimpse of how Rebecca and Miguel reconnected and it made us hate him a little less. Emotions were high last week and this week will be no different. If you missed last week’s episode of This Is Us season 2, you can find my full recap here for all the details!

This week on This Is Us 2017, we will see a flashback of Rebecca and Jack finalizing Randall’s adoption. In present time, Kevin visits Sophie in New York and Kate and Toby take the next step in their relationship. Also, Randall continues to try and adjust to the inner workings of the foster system. Check out this sneak peek of tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2 and let me know what you think of this season so far in the comments below or on social media!

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