This Is Us 2017 Recap: Episode 7 – The Most Disappointed Man

Tonight on This Is Us season 2, Randall is still adjusting to life as a foster parent. Meanwhile, in flashbacks, we see as Rebecca and Jack get Randall’s adoption finalized. Keep reading my This Is Us 2017 recap to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here. You can also find my full recap of last week’s episode of This Is Us right here to get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We start this episode off with Jack and Rebecca going through the surprise visits with the social worker as part of the adoption process. They get the recommendation for the adoption and then go get pictures done for their adoption announcement. Meanwhile, we get a look at William standing in front of a judge and the judge tells him that he is disappointed that a man with no record would be standing in front of him. William tells him that he is the most disappointed man in the world now that his girl and son are gone.

We then get a look at Randall getting Deja out the door to go see her mother. Sophie calls Kevin to see if he is ready for his flight, but he is just getting out of bed. He tells her that they might have to push it, but this is the third time they have pushed it. She is starting to wonder if he wants to even move out there. She then tells him she has to go.

Kevin goes to see Toby and Kate and they tell him that she is pregnant with these cute tshirts, but Kevin is a little out of it and doesn’t get it at first. He is still using the pain meds a little too often. Meanwhile, Randall and Deja are getting to the prison to see Shawna, Deja’s mom. She is told that she will be able to see Shawna with no glass in between them, but after waiting for a while, Randall is told that Shawna isn’t coming to see Deja. He has to break the news to her. He tells her that there was a mix up and Deja tells him that before they leave she has to get her purse and give the money she has saved to them for her to get what she needs while she is in there.

In a flashback we see as Rebecca and Jack are standing in the courtroom waiting to see a judge about their adoption but he tells them that he wants to ask the social worker some questions about their home visits. Rebecca tells him that she told her that everything the judge would need is in their file. They run into the judge in the hallway and ask to talk to him.

Back to Toby and Kate’s, Kevin is leaving and she tells him that they have to tell his mom now and he is freaking out a little bit. He is terrified that his mom is going to disown him for having a baby out of wedlock. When Kate calls her, Toby gets her voicemail and he is freaking out about whether he should leave a message. She takes the phone from him and hangs it up. He is having a panic attack and she tells him that maybe they should go to the courthouse and get married then.

Back to the flashback of Jack and Rebecca talking to the judge. Jack starts by telling him that Randall has been with them for almost a year and he stops Jack. He tells Jack that he doesn’t think that Randall should be in their home. He tells them that they wouldn’t be able to teach Randall what it means to be black. She tells them that their son was found in a box and the judge told them that there are plenty of people to care for him until a suitable family comes along.

We then get a look at Kevin in present time and he is engagement ring shopping, but can’t pick one so he ends up buying three of them and telling the jeweler that Sophie can pick her favorite. He is clearly all over the place and not thinking straight at all.

Back in the flashback, William is getting a visit from the judge who put him in jail and he tells him that he tells William that he heard William say that he was the most disappointed man in the world. The judge tells him that he is a close second, but he doesn’t think that William has to be one of those stories he hears everyday in his courtroom. He tells William that he wants to help him, he wants to get him out and get him the help that he needs. He then asks William if he can find him a different ending to his story and William tells him he can.

Randall and Beth are talking about Shawna blowing off Deja and Beth is telling Randall that she isn’t letting this woman continue to hurt her. She tells Randall that as long as she is under their roof, she doesn’t want her going back up there. You can tell the wheels are spinning in Randall’s head.

Kevin gets to the hospital to surprise Sophie, but she isn’t there. One of the other nurses tells him she went out on a transfer and she will be back soon. Meanwhile, Randall goes to the prison to talk to Shawna. He introduces himself and she looks like she had gotten into a fight. She stops him before he can get past “I’m Deja’s foster father” and tells him that she didn’t want her to see her face like this. She was bruised up and her face was busted open pretty bad. He continues to tell her that Deja was disappointed. She tells him that next time she will reschedule being jumped.

The conversation goes back and forth and he tells her that Deja is doing well in his home with his wife and daughters. He tells her that they are planning on enrolling her in their local middle school, she tells him that she has friends at her current school and drill team. Randall tells her that their school is great and he is sure that she could make the cheerleading squad.

Shawna assumes that he has a white wife because of this, but he makes it clear that he is married to a black queen. She tells him that when she gets out, she’s going to be coming for Deja because Deja is the one thing she has done right. Randall tells her that she is going to have to go through him first and she tells him that she has been through worse.

Meanwhile, Toby is proposing to Kate after he tells her that he told his mom about the baby and about the odd conversation he had with her father’s ashes on the mantel. Back in the flashback, Rebecca has written the judge a letter including a picture of their unconventional family to be added to his collage of family photos behind his desk. She tells him in that letter that they will come back time and time again until he does his job. You can tell he wasn’t expecting her to write this letter.

We end the episode off with Kevin showing up at Sophie’s house and he looks really beat up. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to do this, he goes on to tell her that he bought three because he couldn’t pick out one. He then tells her that he doesn’t know how to be the man she needs or the father to their future children. He then tells her that she might have been disappointed about him postponing his trip twice, but he was saving her from 40 years of misery with him. She is clearly upset because she knows what is coming next and she closes the door on him.

Meanwhile, we see as the judge who was overseeing their adoption of Randall recuse himself. They are given a new judge and she finalizes their adoption of Randall. We then get a look at William getting the news about his cancer and then we cut back to Randall’s house. Beth and the girls are in the dining room and Randall and Beth go into the other room to talk about what happened. He tells her that he gave Shawna their number so that Shawna could call and talk to Deja. It was a hard decision for him, you can tell, but he knows that she needs her mother.

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