Lethal Weapon 2017 Recap: Episode 5 – Let It Ride

Tonight on Lethal Weapon season 2, Riggs and Murtaugh investigate a death at the horse races. The victim died moments before the horse he bet on won the race. Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Lethal Weapon 2017 right here and if you missed the last episode of Lethal Weapon season 2, you can find all the details here!

SPOILER ALERT: Lethal Weapon 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Lethal Weapon season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We started this episode off with a man placing a bet at the horse races and then going to eat, but changes his mind when he sees two me sitting there. He turns around and walks away to watch the race somewhere else. While he is watching the race we see someone come up from behind the man with a needle and inject him with something. We then watch as the horse he bet on wins the race.

Meanwhile, we see Riggs waking up on the beach and his trailer is gone. Nothing left but a notice that his trailer was towed because he was parked on public property. Murtaugh is talking to Trish about RJ raiding the fridge and leaving nothing but the ribs. Apparently he has gone vegetarian and left those behind. Meanwhile, Riggs walks in asking if he can use their shower and explains that his was towed. Murtaugh asks Trish to make a couple of phone calls and she says that they aren’t going to do anything because Riggs was squatting on public property. He tells her that if they don’t get his trailer back, he will be squatting in their house next.

Moments later we see as Riggs and Murtaugh look into the death of the man at the horse races. His name is Howard and Leo Getz knows him and insists that Howard was murdered. After talking to the ME, turns out, he was murdered. The needle that he was injected with had Warfarin in it, which caused a stroke.

Leo brings Riggs and Murtaugh to a bar for a memorial for Howard and then they head up to the apartment upstairs where Howard lived. Murtaugh had sprung the news on Riggs that he was reworking his will and adding Riggs to it and while they are arguing about that in the hallway, Leo is being attacked by a man inside the apartment. He ends up killing the man with a shard of glass from a mirror that was broken in the struggle.

Back at the precinct, Leo, Murtaugh and Avery are talking about what happened in the apartment and Bailey walks in with the man’s identification. He was is a henchman for a loan shark named Tony Guzman and he was also at the track when Howard was murdered. Murtaugh goes to check out some leads.

Meanwhile, Riggs is talking to Cahill about him losing his trailer and she starts bringing up his past. She tells him she did some digging and come to find out the digging she did was in his out of state files. She gets him to talk a little about his childhood. About losing his mom and how his dad did everything he could. We get a flashback of him and his dad getting back to their house and finding it padlocked and an eviction notice on the door.

After this we see as Riggs is getting into the elevator and seeing Trish. She tells him she was there to see him and explains to him that she doesn’t think that Riggs can get his trailer back. The fines he racked up from the 10 tickets they left are worth more than his trailer. She tells him that he should maybe look into getting another place and offers to help him, but he turns her down.

After that, we see as Murtaugh and Riggs are talking in the car about Riggs’ stubborness. They then get out of the car and head into a tattoo shop they suspect Guzman to be in. He is and they confront him about the death of Howard and things get a little crazy. There was a gun pulled and Riggs was swinging around a baseball bat.

Riggs, who still doesn’t have a place to stay is planning on sleeping in his truck and it starts pouring outside. We also see another flashback of Riggs who is running from his father, who has been drinking, and he hides out in an old El Camino. Riggs wakes up. Murtaugh is talking to Trish about Riggs. Leo and Bailey have found recordings in Howard’s apartment and Leo brings them to Murtaugh.

While they are talking about the recordings of the jockey’s talking in their club, Riggs shows up. He is drunk and towing his trailer behind his truck! The next thing we see is Riggs waking up and he looks really confused about how his trailer got in Murtaugh’s yard. He goes inside to find Trish inside and she is so infuriated that she can’t even tell him what she wants to say.

At the precinct, Leo, Avery and Murtaugh are listening to the tapes and they realize that one is missing. They pull the surveillance video of the jockey club and see Howard talking to three guys. They are all friends of his from the memorial at the bar and none of them like the jockey club. Murtaugh is leaving to go to the bar and Leo tells him that Riggs is hurting and that he shouldn’t let his anger stop him from being able to see Rigg’s pain.

When they get to the club, it’s closed, which is weird for race day. They break in and find something odd in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Leo is trying to spread Howard’s ashes at the restaurant that he frequented at the track and ends up getting removed by security. The security guard happens to be one of the met that Howard was meeting with in that missing tape.

Murtaugh and Riggs are looking into a tunnel that they found in the floor of the bathroom at the jockey club. The tunnel leads to where the money from the betting is counted and stored. They hear an explosion and find the men trying to rob the counting room. After a few are shot and they find themselves chasing a couple others, Murtaugh sees Leo being held at gunpoint by another. He goes to try and save Leo and Riggs goes after the last guy who has two dufflebags of money. Apparently, Howard heard their plan in the tapes and when he asked for money to keep quiet, they decided to kill him instead.

We end the episode off with Leo thanking everyone for helping solve the murder of his friend. Riggs is going to talk to Cahill and she gives him a bag with a pillow, blanket and toothbrush for the next time he is without a home. She tells him that regardless of how much he feels alone, he isn’t and people care about him. Riggs then heads to the Murtaugh’s to fix the fence he plowed down. Trish comes out and brings him a beer and he tells her that he probably shouldn’t because that’s what put him in this mess. She tells him that she thinks it started way before then.

He opens up to her about how he didn’t have this (pointing to her house) growing up and tells her that the closest he came was with Miranda and when they took his trailer, he freaked out. She then tells him that home isn’t where you live, it’s where the people who care about him are. She then tells him what’s for dinner and he tells her that he will be in Murtaugh’s will. During dinner he finds out that he is getting Murtaugh’s BBQ marinade recipe.

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