Damnation 2017 Recap: Series Premiere – Sam Riley’s Body

Tonight we kick off the first season of Damnation on USA and I have been looking forward to this show for a while. In tonight’s premiere of Damnation season 1, Preacher Seth Davenport leads a farmer’s strike which quickly escalates and Creeley Turner is sent in to restore order. Keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s Damnation series premiere right here!

SPOILER ALERT: Damnation 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Damnation season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start this episode off with a look at Preacher Seth hanging signs when he hears gunshots. One of the men that lives nearby tells him that he is shooting at something hiding in his chicken coop. This something turns out to be a young girl who has been stealing his eggs to feed herself. Preacher Seth lies to the farmer to get him to stop shooting at the young girl and he takes her away from the farmer’s house.

As him and the young girl are walking down the road, they run into Sam Riley, who is running their farmer’s strike. They are striking because there is a banker who isn’t allowing the farmers to sell their items for high enough prices to turn a profit. They aren’t able to pay off their loans either.

Preacher Seth brings the young girl to a field where she claims she lives and he hands her two eggs. She tells him she doesn’t take charity and he tells her that he doesn’t give them either. He tells her that it’s payment for listening to what he is going to say next. He tells her that instead of stealing the eggs, she should steal the whole hen, simple economics.

He heads into his church to give his sermon. While he is giving his sermon, a man named Pete is bringing his milk into town because one of the bankers told him he could sell it for double. Meanwhile, Pete gets stopped by the blockages of farmers who are striking, including Sam Riley. They weren’t going to let Pete through and Pete is pleading with him because his wife is sick and he needs the money. Sam tells him to pull the tarp off his truck and the next thing we hear is a gunshot.

The shot comes from a man named Creeley Turner who was hiding in the back of the truck and the bullet went through Sam Riley’s head. Turner loads up Sam’s body into the truck and he has Pete get into the truck and they drive off. They bring the milk and Sam’s body into town where Turner brings Sam’s body to a tavern and goes into a back room where there are men sitting there and socializing. Turner calls for a round of whiskeys for everyone and sits Sam’s body in a chair.

Preacher Seth gets word about Sam being killed while they were clocking Pete’s shipment. Back at the tavern, Turner is trying to get information on any family that Sam might have. He is able to find a man named Preston Riley and he is Sam’s cousin. Turner asks him to have a talk with him. Turner asks him if it’s true that all the Riley’s are communists and he tells him that Sam and him were second cousins and he didn’t know him very well. Turner asks if there is anyone in their family that would try to avenge Sam’s death and Preston tells him that his son, Sam Jr. would.

Turner then pays for all the drinks and then goes to leave and Preston asks “what about Sam?” He tells him that Sam was Preston’s family, not his and he is sure he will do right by him. Meanwhile, the miners are pissed at one of the officers because they know that he is the one who is hiring the strike breakers. When the officer gets into his office to find a woman named Connie who is looking for Preacher Seth, who isn’t who he says he is. He is apparently a murderer and murdered her husband in Arkansas.

She tells him that until there is a riot, she is all he has and the governor won’t be sending any more people. Later in the episode she ambushes the officer and a group of people to cause a riot.

Preston brings Sam’s body to the family to have him prepped for services and he is asking if it would be a good idea for Sam Jr. to leave town for a bit. He mentions that the man who did this to Sam might want to come after Sam Jr. Seth then comes in and overhears this conversation. Meanwhile, Preacher Seth’s wife, Amelia, is visiting the local paper wondering why the paper isn’t reporting on the farmer’s strike or the shooting of Sam Riley. He looked shocked by the news of Sam Riley’s death.

The reporter tells the editor and the editor calls the banker. Meanwhile, Turner shows up at the brothel in town looking for a place to stay for a week. He holds up a sign to the girls and tells them that he has $100 that can be their’s if they can read this sign and tell him what they think about it. The sign he hold up says “You can’t even read this you rancid whore” and there is only one woman in the room who could read it. When he hands her the $100, she demands $200 because he wants a reader and she is the only one in there. Supply and demand.

They get to his room and he hands her a letter and tells her to read it when all of a sudden the sheriff knocks on his door. Bessy, the prostitute, tells the sheriff that they need a couple more minutes and when the put on a bit of a show to act as if they are having sex. When they are “done” she opens the door for the sheriff and he comes in to talk to Turner. Come to find out Turner works with Connie and he is there because of their farmer’s strike.

We then get a look at Seth with his wife and they are about to have sex when Seth hears something outside. He stops and gives her a gun and tells her that if anyone comes in there, shoot to kill. A man breaks down the front door of their house and when he comes through the door, Seth stabs him in the thigh and cuts an artery. Tells him he can save him if he tells him what he needs to know. He asks how many there are and where they are from. he finds out there are three of them and they are from Chicago.

Seth takes his gun and goes outside, we get a look at his wife holding the gun he gave her at the door and she shoots. She hits someone on the other side of the door and all we see is blood from under the door and when she opens the door, we see Seth come. The next scene is of them burying the bodies somewhere secluded.

While they are doing this, she asks him why he is shutting her out and he tells her that he didn’t realize he was. She tells him for the last two years they have been going from town to town trying to start a revolution and she doesn’t know anything about him. He tells her that they agreed they wouldn’t talk about their past.

Pete is bringing his wife some food and she turns it down, tells him maybe later. You can tell she is upset with hi going against the strike. He goes outside and we see Turner put a bullet through his head and then puts a toothpick in the back of the truck where he shot him from. In town, the sheriff’s office gets a call from Turner, but they don’t know it’s him, and he tells him that he saw Sam Jr. going towards Pete’s house with a rifle. Sam Jr. always has a toothpick in his mouth.

When he gets back to the brothel, he asks Bessy to take a knife and put two cuts into his side. It looks like this is how he keeps track of how many people he has killed. One for Sam Riley and one for Pete. We end the episode off with the service for Sam Riley and the sheriff and deputy at Pete’s house. They find Pete dead on his front porch and the toothpick in the back of the truck. Seth is giving a speech that gets the farmers all riled up about how they need to stick up for each other. The sheriff comes in and takes in Sam Jr. for the murder of Pete.

Seth reaches for his gun and tells his wife that he needs to go after the person responsible for this. Turner is having sex with Bessy and Seth walks in to tell him his business in their town is over and he can leave when he is done. Turner asks him what’s going to happen if he doesn’t and he tells him that he will kill him and bring him to hell with him. When he leaves the room, Bessy asks him who that man was and Turner tells him it’s his little brother.

Seth shows up at his house with blood on his hands and we get a look in town where there is a crowd of people standing in front of the bank. We see a man nailed to the doorway of the bank by his hands with a gunshot wound to the head. He has a sign around his neck that reads “which side are you on?”

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