The Walking Dead 2017 Preview: Episode 3 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on The Walking Dead season 8, we watched as the people of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom came together to clear out some of the bigger Saviors outposts. While they lost a couple of their own in the process, they kept pushing to get the job done. That is, until they found a group of Saviors and Jesus talked Tara and the rest of his group out of killing them. I’m not exactly sure what he plans on doing with them, but Rick won’t be able to give them any instructions when it comes to that.

Rick is currently being held a gunpoint by a man who we first met in The Walking Dead season 1. Morales was part of the survivor camp right after the initial outbreak along with his wife, son and daughter. After a walker attack on their camp, Morales and his family decided they were going to leave and head to Alabama where they had family. Clearly that didn’t happen as planned, because now Morales is in DC holding a gun on Rick.

Despite their friendship in the past, Morales seems to be pretty angry at Rick. Is he only angry at Rick because of his current position as a Savior? Or does he blame Rick for something else? What happened to Morales’ wife and kids? Are they still alive? Hopefully we will get some answers this week. What I do know is that this war against the Saviors gets a little tricky tonight on The Walking Dead season 8.

Tonight on The Walking Dead 2017, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria are faced with some unexpected consequences due to this war with the Saviors. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8 where Morales is talking to Rick. Let me know what you think will happened between these two tonight on The Walking Dead in the comments below or on social media!

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