Who Was Sent Home on Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 Last Night? Week 5

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen All Stars 2017, the team challenge was to cook with wood planks. They were given different types of planks and different types of fish and paired up in this challenge. Due to having a odd number of people on each team, one person was able to work alone. Chef Ramsay was joined by Chef Ben Ford, who also happens to be Harrison Ford’s son. He helped Chef Ramsay judge each of the plates.

In the end, the teams were tied and the two chefs decided that they would chose their overall favorite dish and that would determine the winner. Robyn and Nick’s dish was deemed their favorite and the win went to the Blue Team. For their reward, the Blue Team got to go Apex Farm for some horseback riding, while the Red Team was stuck cleaning up after the same horses.

Last night’s dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen season 17 went pretty well. There was a table side app served by Van and Barbie which consisted of smoked salmon rillette. There were some hiccups in the service, one chef was annoying his team by responding to Chef Ramsay in French, there were some communication issues as usual, but for the most part everyone recovered pretty well.

Then there was Josh…He was really slow at the fish station which forced Manda to take over his station. This pissed him off, however, if you can’t handle your station then you should expect someone else to. Josh was eventually kicked out of the kitchen for handling cold garnishes with his bare hands. The Red Team runs a pretty successful service after he is gone.

After being ejected from the service, Josh decides that he is going to come back out and try to fight for his spot in the kitchen. This does nothing but piss Chef Ramsay off and he takes Josh into the pantry to have a chat. He tells Josh that because of his poor performance and his stubbornness, he is eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen before the dinner service even comes to an end! Chef Ramsay told him that because of his actions, there is no way he would ever be able to fill the position that they were competing for and asked him for his jacket.

Josh became the eighth chef to be eliminated during a dinner service in the history of Hell’s Kitchen! What did you think of this elimination? Do you think he was just trying to prove to Chef Ramsay that he wanted it that bad? Or was he clearly being insubordinate? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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