Chicago Fire Season 6 Recap: Fall Finale – Down Is Better

Tonight on the Chicago Fire season 6 fall finale, Kidd works heroically to save a mother and her newborn from a rooftop fire and after, she receives some shocking news. She is being transferred and Severide and Casey think it’s odd and decide to investigate. Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire 2017. If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago Fire, you can find a full recap here to get caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Dawson having lunch with her dad and he is talking about his new job and how there are things he thinks he should address. Dawson tells him that the company has been around for 30 years and he’s only been there a few weeks and that his better bet is to keep his head down and get himself in the door a little more before starting things like that.

Meanwhile, at the fire house, Kidd is talking to Severide about his “game” with the women and mentions needing up his game, he disagrees. They get a call from a nearby restaurant and when they get to the scene, they find out that it was a grease fire and that it spread quick. The manager said that everyone was out of the ground floor, but he points up to the rooftop. There is a woman and her baby up there and they are trapped. They get the ladder up there and Kidd goes through the flames to save the baby girl after the mom is safe. Casey gives her a nod of approval.

Back at the house, Boden is looking for the incident reports and Connie tells him that they are on his desk. They aren’t, but Hope walks in with them in her hand. She is clearly trying to make Connie look bad. Connie brings an envelope out to Kidd and inside is a letter. She is shocked, it says she is being transferred to the office of public relations. Mouch tells them that they only thing she can do is file a grievance with the department and request a hearing, but that can take months, even years. Boden comes over and tells her that not only is the transfer happening, but it’s happening next shift. He going to see what he can do though.

Later that night, Kidd can’t sleep so she goes out to the tv area and Mouch is watching TV. He tells her that this transfer might be a blessing in disguise. He tells her that being in the public relations department she can speak about things that she is passionate about. She tells him that she never thought of that, but she is a firefighter. He asks her what made her want to pick up a halogen in the first place and she tells him that she got into a car that she wasn’t supposed to and the only reason she got out was because of the CFD Rescue Squad.

Hope goes to tell the guys that they never used the money for the spring picnic and there is $900 in the petty cash and mentions they could use it to buy a new grill for the house. They are excited about that idea. She then goes to talk to Severide, now that she is not so intimidated by Connie, she was thinking that they could hang out again. He tells her that he has plans and thanks her.

Later we see everyone at Molly’s and Kidd is drunk, Severide decides that she has had enough to drink and brings her home. When they walk in the door, she kisses him, but he stops her and tells her “not like this” and then walks to him room. The next morning, Stella doesn’t remember anything that happened after they left Molly’s, including how she got home or kissing Severide. Severide is still at the kitchen table laughing at her because her head is pounding. He asks her if she wants some eggs.

Meanwhile, Boden and Casey are talking to one of the higher ups about Kidd’s transfer and the guy couldn’t even remember who he hired for the position. Boden tells him that he was under the impression that he personally asked for Kidd, but he didn’t. When they get back to 51, they meat the new guy replacing Kidd and he is not going to do well in 51.

Otis has been trying to get Herrmann and Dawson on board with buying this bar that’s closing down. After talking to the owner, who is a little bitter about having to close it, and his daughter, Otis comes up with a new idea. He pitches the idea of partnering with the bar to help keep it open and all they would have to do is a few touch ups. He shows them how they could make more money because it’s already an established bar, just got the raw end of a bad loan. They said they would think about it. He wants to call it Molly’s North.

Ramon shows up to the firehouse and tells Dawson that he is on probation at work now, this also comes after he went around Casey and started throwing his name around. Dawson told him before not to bother Casey, but he didn’t listen. Now he is talking about how Casey can help him out of this and Dawson flips out! She is so fed up with him thinking about no one but himself. She tells him that she told him before to leave Casey out of this because he is out of politics and has a lot of pressure on him with his promotion. He leaves after apologizing.

Kidd reports to her first day at her new position. She is instantly brought into a press conference to prove to them that the CFD is making improvements within the department when it comes to women and minorities. Something that the new guy said makes a light bulb go off in Casey. Casey takes Herrmann to go see one of Herrmann’s wife’s friends to get the transfer paperwork for Kidd. They find out that the order was signed by Mullins so they pay him a visit. They find out that the signature on the paper isn’t his.

Mullins, Casey, Boden and Herrmann bring Hope in. They point out to Hope that the signature isn’t his and then points out that the S and M in his signatures look a lot like the ones she wrote on the supply list she gave to Connie. She tries to explain, but Boden tells her to stop and to go pack her desk. She goes to do so, but Connie meets her at the door with all her stuff in a box already!

We end this fall finale of Chicago Fire season 6 with Brett getting home to find Hope sitting in front of her apartment. Hope goes up to her and starts trying to explain herself, but Brett stops her. She tells her how she blew her only chance to have something in Chicago and now she can take all her lies and go back to Fowlerton.

Otis, Dawson and Herrmann go talk to the owner of the bar that is closing, Max, to make a proposal to him. We see Severide and Kidd getting ready to go to work, together! She gets back to the house and everyone greets her with open arms and Brett is sitting in her car watching. Brett stops Boden before his meeting to say something to the firehouse. She stands up to tell them that she is sorry for bringing Hope to their firehouse in the first place. She tells them that she loves each of them.

Brett and Dawson get a call about a stabbing at the train station. When they get to the scene, CPD is arresting the suspect and the victim is bleeding out on the platform of the train. Dawson and Brett go over and flip the victim over to start working on him, it’s Ramon, Dawson’s father!

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