Chicago Fire Season 6 Preview: Fall Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Chicago Fire season 6 we watched as Severide and Casey bumped heads over the decision on how to handle a call. Casey, being Captain, thought that the way he wanted to handle the situation at a call was the better way. However, when you call in Severide and the rest of squad in, typically Severide takes control of the scene.

We also watched as Hope did something shady to Kidd. She claimed that Kidd’s paycheck was lost in the mail and then goes above and beyond to get it straightened out for her. I’m stuck between this being one of two things. One, Hope wanted to do something to show her worth and set up the situation to make it look like she was good at her job. Two, she had every intention of stealing Kidd’s paycheck and when she was caught she tried to fix the situation. I would like to think that it’s just Hope’s way of trying to prove she is worth being there, but I would think that there is a more honest way of doing it. So either way, in my eyes, Hope isn’t one to be trusted.

If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago Fire 2017, you can get all the details here with my Chicago Fire season 6 recap!

Tonight we will watch as the team comes together to save a mother and her newborn child from a rooftop fire. After the call, Kidd receives some shocking news. She is being transferred, but not as in a transfer to another house, but they want to put her at a desk in the personnel office. Casey and Boden try their best to stop the transfer from happening. You will have to come back tonight to find out what happens, but for now, check out this clip from tonight’s Chicago Fire season 6 fall finale!

Let me know what you thought of the beginning of this season in the comments below or on social media and make sure you come back tonight for my Chicago Fire 2017 live recap!

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