Survivor 2017 Recap: Episode 6 – This Is Why You Play Survivor

Tonight on Survivor season 35, lack of food starts to take a toll on one of the castaways and another is upset because they were kept out of the loop in a major game decision. Get all the details here by refreshing this page for my Survivor 2017 live recap! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor season 35, check out my recap here to get the details!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Ryan and Ali talking about Tribal Council last week and the blindside vote against Roark. Ali is pissed because she feels like Ryan purposely kept her out of the loop because he didn’t trust her. Meanwhile, on Yawa, things aren’t going so well because Cole is eating everything in sight. Mike caught a small fish and shared it with some of the others, where Cole caught a huge fish and ate it all to himself. Cole digging his own grave is good for Lauren though because that keeps her off the rest of the tribe’s radar.

It is time for the reward challenge! The tribes will be race over to two poles which they will use to bring a buoy across a balance beam. They will drop the buoy into a wooden box which will hit a switch to unlock their boat. They will then use the boat to get to a platform and they will then use a slingshot to knock over targets. The first two teams will win. The first place tribe will win 10 pizzas and sodas, the second place tribe will get one pizza to share.

Yawa and Soko take an early lead after Levu kept dropping their buoy. All the tribes get to the floating platform and JP is waiting patiently for the waves to stop before trying to shoot their slingshot and it pays off because Soko wins first place! Yawa wins second place which means the tribe wins one pizza to share.

When they get back to camp, Joe is looking for the immunity idol and he finds a clue, but waits until everyone is asleep before he goes to look for it. He goes back and searches for it and does end up finding it. This is Joe’s second idol, he tells us he isn’t telling anyone that he has this. That’s probably a good plan because a couple of his tribemates are already talking about possibly voting him off next.

Meanwhile on Yawa, Cole faints and he tells them that he remembers standing there and then he woke up on the ground. He is clearly feeling the effects of the lack of food. Jessica offers him her portion of rice to help him out, but everyone is kind of seeing Cole as a liability at this point. They plan on voting him out if they lose the immunity challenge.

Speaking of which, it’s time for the Immunity Challenge! For this challenge the tribes will be hold ropes connected to a disk, they will be standing on beams and balancing this disk holding only the ropes. They will be walking the beam while holding this rope to stack blocks on the disk spelling the word “immunity” on the disk. If the blocks fall or they step off the beam, they have to start over. Soko drops theirs, then Levu drops theirs and Soko drops again! Meanwhile Yawa only needs one more block! After getting the final block up, their blocks drop with only a few steps from a win.

The first team to get all the blocks up is Yawa and the second team is Levu after Soko’s blocks drop on their way back to from putting their final block up! Soko is heading to Tribal Council. Who do you think will be going home tonight? Back at camp, JP tells us that Ali is next and that there isn’t anything she can do about that. Ryan knows that Ali is the next too, but he wants to talk to Ali. He thinks that if he can get Ali to vote for JP, they might be able to get Chrissy to vote that way too. Chrissy knows that Ali voted for her last week though and she doesn’t know if Ali is as loyal as she said she is.

It’s time for the Tribal Council. They all talk about trust and how it’s important moving forward, but they also touch base on the fact that getting closer to the merge, tribes tend to get rid of the stronger players. It’s time for the votes, Ali, JP, Ali and Ali. She is completely shocked by this decision.

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