Survivor 2017 Preview: Season 35 Episode 6 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Survivor season 35, we watched as the castaways competed for iced coffee and one castaway costed his tribe the win. The castaways had their feet bound together and their hands bound to their sides. They had to slither in the sand and use their heads to move a ball down a path relay style. Levu and Yawa managed to pull off the win. Ryan, who couldn’t manage to get the ball down the path without losing it, felt horrible. They still had a chance to win immunity though and save their tribe from Tribal Council.

When it came to the immunity challenge on Survivor 2017, the tribes had to swim out to a boat, grab three rice bags, throw them into the water and bring them back to shore. One their way to shore with them, they came across walls with small holes that they had to push the rice bags through in order to go further. They then had to rip apart the bags and find three balls and use these balls in a vertical wall puzzle. First two teams to complete it, won immunity. In the end, Yawa and Levu won immunity sending Soko to Tribal Council.

If you missed who went home on Survivor season 35 last week, you can get the details here!

This week on Survivor 2017, we will watch as the teams battle it out for pizza and immunity and one castaway is upset about not being kept in the loop about a crazy blindside. Also, the lack of food on the island is starting to take a toll on another castaway. Below is a sneak peek of tonight’s reward challenge on Survivor season 35. Check it out and let me know what you think of this season of Survivor 2017 so far!

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