This Is Us Season 2 Preview: Episode 6 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on This Is Us season 2 we watched as Kate told Toby she was pregnant, but she didn’t want him to be excited about it because of the complications that could occur throughout her pregnancy. Her age and her weight both playing a part in her feeling the way that she does. After getting into a minor fender-bender, Kate told the woman involved that she was pregnant after the woman witnessed Kate completely break down into tears in her car. She then went home and told Toby to come with her and she brings him to a coffee shop and tells him he can tell one person. He then has the barista play a song on his phone and he starts dancing around telling everyone.

Meanwhile, we watch as Randall brings Deja to a fundraiser gala for Sophie’s hospital. When Randall goes to stop her from eating the tail of a shrimp, she flinches and then goes to hide in the ladies room. That doesn’t stop Randall from going inside to check on her though and this is where she opens up about her past. She explains to him that he can’t do things like that due to her past in abusive foster homes.

Kevin, who was supposed to do an auction for a date with him at Sophie’s gala, has a few too many drinks throughout the day. Not to mention, he is mixing that with the pain medications that he is on. During the course of the night he misses out on the auction and spends a lot of time trying to get a hold of his doctor looking for another refill. Problem is, he has already surpassed the number of refills that his doctor can give him and the episode ends with him calling an old doctor of his trying to get an appointment. Sophie isn’t happy and thinks that it was just the drinking that caused him to be absent throughout the night.

Tonight we will watch as Jack and Rebecca take their 10 year old triplets trick or treating and things don’t quiet go as planned. We also get a look at Randall, Kevin and Kate on Halloween 10 years ago. They all have something pretty big happen in their lives that year and here is a sneak peek of what we will see tonight on This Is Us 2017.

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