This Is Us 2017 Recap: Season 2 Episode 6 – The 20s

Tonight on This Is Us season 2. we will watch flashbacks of Kate, Randall and Kevin on Halloween back when they were 10 years old. Trick or treating doesn’t go as planned for Rebecca and Jack. Also on This Is Us 2017, we will get a look at life changing Halloween’s for the triplets. Keep reading this recap to get all the details on tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2 right here! If you missed last week’s episode, you can get caught up here!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2 off with Rebecca and Jack talking to the kids about their Halloween costumes and Kate has decided that she doesn’t want to be a veterinarian anymore. She wants to be something pretty instead. Jack tells her that she can change her costume, but Rebecca tells Jack later that he needs to stop telling her yes.

We then get a look at them all in 2008, Kevin is working at a hair salon, Kate is waitressing and Randall is planning for the birth of his first child. It is also just a couple months after Randall had a breakdown and he is still a little on edge. Meanwhile, Beth is preparing for Rebecca’s visit for when the baby comes. When she gets there, Rebecca and Beth are whispering about Randall. Randall goes out to get a new fan for the nursery, he tells Rebecca and Beth that they can talk as loudly as they want about him after he leaves.

Back when the kids were 10, Randall drew out a map for them to follow, but Kevin and Kate don’t want to. Rebecca promised they would so they end up splitting up. Rebecca goes with Randall and Jack brings Kate and Kevin. Kate is hoping some boy named Billy will hold her hand through the haunted house, but when she goes inside, Kevin tells Jack that she has a crush on him, but there is no way he will hold her hand because Billy is more popular than Kevin in school.

In 2008, Kate is invited to a party by a guy that she has been seeing and when she gets there, she asks him to buy her a drink. After glancing back at his friends, who are giggling like school girls at him, he tells Kate that he was about to leave and asks if they can go somewhere quieter. She tells him that she lives nearby. Something tells me he is only leaving because he is embarrassed to be with her.

Randall is in the hardware store getting a new fan and he starts talking to the man there about his breakdown and that it was because he doesn’t know if he can be the dad he needs to be. He asks the man if he has any idea what he should do and the man tells him that he has five kids. He tells Randall that before the first one was born, he was all questions too, but what people don’t tell you is that when babies are born they have all the answers. They look at you and let you know who you are. The man then hands him the information about a new fan and tells him he will meet Randall at returns. Randall’s phone then starts ringing and it’s Rebecca, Beth is in labor!

Still in 2008, Kevin goes to a party with his friend Zeke, it’s a party that a producer of a movie he landed a part with is throwing. Kevin attempts to talk to the producer and asks him if he is still looking to fill more parts. By the end of the conversation, the producer tells Kevin that he never took Kevin as the type to try and steal a part from his friend.

Back trick or treating, Randall is still being anxious and Rebecca asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that one of the neighbors said that his parents lost one of their babies and Randall was a miracle for them. Rebecca tells him that they didn’t lose the baby, like misplace it, they way that he understood the conversation. She explains that the baby died and that he was a miracle for them. She tells him that things happened the way that they were supposed to and that Randall was always meant to be part of their family.

Back in 2008 again, Randall gets home to see Beth in full labor and Rebecca is on the phone with the paramedics who are still five minutes out. She tells the man on the other end of the phone that Beth is crowning and that this is happening right now. We watch as Randall tells Beth that she is doing great and that he sees her and that he is there. We then watch as he delivers his first baby girl right there on the floor of their living room.

Kate and her guy friend have finished doing what they went to her place to do and he is a hurry to get home. Claiming he has an early morning and she realizes that there is something wrong with this. She asks him if he is married and he has a guilty as sin look on his face. That’s when her phone rings and her mother is yelling that Beth had her baby into her answering machine.

Back at Randall’s house, Rebecca is crying over something that she dropped and broke and he walks in to ask her if she is ready to head over to the hospital to see Beth. He notices she is crying and cleaning up the broken dish and he asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that watching their baby be born was the best thing that has ever happened to her. She then tells him that his father not being there sucks and Randall makes a joke that Jack would have told him that she got all that hair on her head because of him even though they all know it has nothing to do with him at all.

She then asks what they are going to name her and he tells her that they planned on Jack if it was a boy and Jasmine if it was a girl, but they aren’t sold on that name yet. She tells him that it doesn’t have to be a “J” name. She tells him that it will come to them and while he finishes cleaning up the broken light cover for the ceiling fan, he finds a paper from the fan box that says “Tessanna” on it and he smiles.

We end the episode off with Rebecca, Kate and Kevin all with Randall and Beth in the hospital. Later, we see as Kate and Kevin are talking about how if Randall is getting his life together then they are like five years away. Kate tells him that she met a great guy and Kevin tells her that he is killing it in LA. They look at each other in that “I know you’re lying” way and Kevin admits that he hasn’t had an audition in six months and Kate tells him that the new guy is married. They both start drinking wine talking about ways that they can make their lives better and how they are going to rock their 20s.

Then we get a flashback of Rebecca visiting Randall in the nursery for the first time. She is telling him that she is sorry that it took so long to come and see him. Back to 2008, she is greeting her grand-daughter, Tess, into the world in the same nursery she met Randall for the first time. We go back and forth watching her talk to both babies for the first time.

The last scene is of Rebecca on her new Facebook page, looking at pictures of Tess when she gets a message from Miguel asking how she has been and congratulating her on her first grandchild.

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