The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: Episode 2 – The Damned

Tonight on The Walking Dead 2017, the plan that the people of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom have come up with unfolds. Also, as Rick continues this fight, he comes across a familiar face on The Walking Dead season 8. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead season 8. If you missed last week’s episode. you can find my recap here to get caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: The Walking Dead 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Walking Dead season 8 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Rick and his group over taking over one of Negan’s outposts where they are cleaning a massive amount of weaponry. We then get a look at Morgan, Tara, Jesus and Diane looking at Negan’s compound from a distance. Morgan wants Diane to take a shot with her bow and arrow and when everyone asks Morgan if he is going to take cover, he tells them no, he doesn’t die.

Meanwhile, we have seen Ezekiel, Carol and some of the others outside the convenience store where they saw one of the Saviors last week. He threw a grenade and opened the door to the store where several walkers were trapped inside. They are able to fend off all the walkers, but can’t find the man.

Meanwhile, Rick and his crew are currently trying to steal guns from the Saviors outpost that they are currently shooting at. While some of them are keeping the Saviors occupied in the shootout, Rick, Daryl and a few others are inside one of their buildings looking for guns. Tara, Jesus, Morgan and Diane are at another outpost with another group searching. When they all move to clear rooms, there are more people than they were anticipating behind one of the doors and three of them were shot.

Daryl and Rick are following the map that Dwight gave them and Tara and Jesus find a man hiding in a closet, he pissed himself and claims that he isn’t one of them. Tara wants to kill him, but Jesus doesn’t think that he is a threat. He tells Jesus that he is a worker, he was brought there from the Sanctuary. The second he gets the chance, he takes Jesus’ gun from him and holds it to his head. That’s when they realize that he is one of them. Tara is still holding her gun to him waiting for the perfect shot, but Jesus is able to knock the guy out and ties him up. Tara isn’t happy that they aren’t killing the guy.

Right after Tara’s team is called to evacuate leaving Morgan and two others on the ground and we think that Morgan is dead with the other two, but he isn’t. Doesn’t even look like he was shot. He also doesn’t look happy when he gets up and runs off after the rest of the team.

Back with Rick and Daryl, they aren’t having any luck with the map that Dwight gave them. It’s not really leading them to anything inside the building he led them to. Daryl finds a room, much like the one he was kept in within the compound. We then get back to Rick, who is attacked from behind while he is searching through another side of the church. Rick is able to put the man in a choke hold and then throws him into a shelf bracket on the wall.

We then get a look at Morgan who is still looking for his way out of the building him and his team were in and he is having flashbacks of a conversation he had with Rick. The rest of the team is outside the building, they come up along a garage door that is being opened. There is only one guy inside and he puts his gun down and surrenders and calls out to the others that are with him. There is a couple dozen people there with guns and they all drop them.

Morgan comes outside and remembers a part of his conversation with Rick where Rick told him that their team has to kill them before the Saviors kill them. He goes to kill one of them after they have surrendered, but Jesus stops him. Tell him that’s not what they are going to do, they surrendered.

Meanwhile, Rick is searching rooms near where he was attacked and finds a baby sleeping in a crib. He looks in the mirror and then walks away like he is disgusted and also upset for this child. Carol, Ezekiel and their group finds something and when Carol goes to kill one of the men she spotted Ezekiel tells her to save her ammunition. He tells them their friends have arrived and Sheba, Ezekiel’s tiger, comes out of nowhere and takes care of him.

Ezekiel, Carol and their group have a radio from the guy Sheba mauled and on the radio, they hear the Saviors calling out that Rick and his people are coming. Rick is looking through the church still and he runs into someone he knew from Atlanta. Morales is standing there with a gun to Rick. We also get a look at Daryl, Morgan and some of the others as the episode ends. They all look exhausted. We end the episode off with Rick and Morales. Morales is still holding his gun to Rick.

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