Grey’s Anatomy 2017 Recap: Episode 5 – Danger Zone

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 14, we go back to 2007 when Riggs first proposed to Megan. We will finally get the details of the events that led up to Megan’s kidnapping. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy 2017 right here! If you missed the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 14, you can get caught up with my recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with Riggs and Megan back in 2007, we see as Riggs proposes to Megan with a necklace. This is because she lost her class ring in the surgical sink and he didn’t want the diamond one to see the same fate. Meanwhile, they get a call after a shooting and are told that there are multiple victims coming.

Meanwhile in present time, Megan and Riggs are moving to LA, Riggs and Farouq are already there and Megan is driving down from Seattle. Owen jumps into Megan’s Jeep before she pulls off and tells her he is going with her. Meanwhile, he is leaving Amelia behind after he talked her into coming home with him.

Back in the flashback, we find out from Teddy that the necklace Riggs gave Megan belonged to another woman and has her initials engraved in it. Riggs didn’t know that though and now he is panicking that Megan might notice. She is too upset with Owen to really notice anything right now. Meanwhile, he is going to have her scrub in on a surgery to reattach a mans arm and when he pulls rank on her, she tries to walk out. She comes back to show Owen that her call is the best call.

In LA, Farouq and Riggs are setting up their new home when Farouq accidentally drops one of the light bulbs and instantly starts apologizing. He thinks he is going to be in trouble, but Riggs tells him it’s fine and cleans it up after lifting Farouq and putting him on the counter so he doesn’t cut his foot.

Owen is trying to get Megan to stay in Seattle on this road trip, but in LA Riggs is on the phone about a job with Farouq comes in to ask him questions about the fan they bought. Riggs is very dismissive with him because he is on the phone. When he gets off the phone, he can’t find Farouq! Riggs is running around the beach looking for Farouq and he finds him at a food truck. He tells Riggs that he just wanted to help and get them food because he seemed so busy.

Meanwhile, the road trip isn’t going well between Megan and Owen. They are fighting about the past and it turns into them hashing out past wounds. Owen tells her that it was wrong of him to get in the way of her career and he apologizes. He then tries to get her to move back to Seattle and she pulls her truck over and tells him to get out of her car.

She tells him that if he isn’t going to support her, he can hitchhike back to Seattle. They then get into an argument about Owen bringing up Riggs cheating on her, she tells him to let it go. She tells him that when you go through what she has gone through and are given a second chance at happiness, you take it. Regardless of who cheated on who and then tells him she cheated on him first anyways.

We get a little more information about the proposal back in 2007. He proposed to cover up the affair he was having with the woman who owns the necklace. His side piece is also married. This isn’t going to go well at all! Teddy tells him that he needs to talk to her, he needs to be honest with her. He sees her laying down and tells her that he needs the necklace back.

She thinks it’s because Riggs found out about her cheating on him, but he tells her that it’s because it wasn’t his to give. She now knows that Riggs cheated on her too. When she calls Owen to ask for a chopper to transport her patient, she only tells him about Riggs cheating. We find out that the woman she is transporting is actually the second shooter, not the man that Teddy and Riggs were treating.

We end the episode off with Owen and Megan talking about why she decided to move to the beach in LA. She tells him that one of her memories of them playing on the beach was what got her through the darkest of days. She told herself that if she got out, she would move to the beach in California so she can feel the sand and water everyday.

Riggs sends Meredith a text message and all it says is “Thank you” and she send him one back that says “Thank you.” Megan makes it to their new home where Farouq is sleeping on Riggs’ lap and Riggs asks her where Owen is. She tells him that she dropped him off at the airport and he said he would visit soon.

Owen gets home to find Amelia up drinking coffee. He tells her that he is sorry and she tells him that he married a tumor. He tells her that it’s like he doesn’t know her anymore and he just wants them to be happy. They both take their wedding rings off and give them back to each other and hug. Meanwhile, Megan, RIggs and Farouq are playing on the beach together.

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