Chicago Fire Season 6 Recap: Episode 5 – Devil’s Bargain

Tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 we will watch as Severide and Casey bump heads on a call about what they should do. Casey pulls rank and that doesn’t sit well with Severide. Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire 2017. If you missed last week’s episode, you can get all the details here with my Chicago Fire season 6 recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago Fire 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago Fire season 6 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode off with the crew getting their paychecks, well everyone except for Kidd and needless to say, she isn’t happy about that. Meanwhile, 61 and 81 get a call and when they get to the call, they find a teenager hanging from the roof of a building after an attempted break in. Squad 3 is called in and when Severide and his crew get there, he has an idea on how to get the kid down, but Casey wants him to do it a different way.

Severide wanted to untangle him up there, but Casey tells him that they can cut him down and untangle him on the ground. Casey thinks his idea is better because he is losing a lot of blood and he thinks that the medics can stop the bleeding faster if they bring him down. They do it Casey’s way and when Casey praises Severide for a job well done, Severide walks away.

Back at the house, Hope tries to tell Kidd that payroll issued her a check, but it got lost along the way. Otis got a huge crate delivered to 51 and inside it is a piece of equipment that is beta testing. Casey isn’t happy that Otis didn’t run it by him first and when he opens the crate, the rest of the house isn’t happy either because it’s a “rescue pal.” Everyone reminds Otis that robots are going to put them out of a job.

Casey goes to tell Severide that the kid from the call is going to pull through and Casey can sense some tension. He asks if everything is okay and Severide tells him that normally when Squad is called in, the scene is handed over to them and Severide is in charge of putting a plan into play. He can’t do his job if Casey is going to pull rank and make him do things his way instead.

Casey goes to Boden about the tension with Severide and he tells Boden that he has to talk to him. Boden tells him that Casey needs to fix the problem or he might not like the way that Boden fixes it. When Cruz tries to talk to Severide about it, he shuts him down. Meanwhile, Kidd is talking to Gabby about her paycheck and how she thinks Hope took it. Brett is in the shower and hears this and comes out to tell her that she is being ridiculous and that Hope is bending over backwards to help get it straightened out.

Kidd tells Brett that there has never been any issues with payroll in the past, now all of a sudden her check goes missing. Brett tells her that she thinks it’s funny that her issues with Hope started right after Hope slept with Severide. She tells Brett that her problem is that money is tight and she is going to miss a car payment because of Hope’s screw up. Hope comes in and tells Kidd that payroll called and they are going to cut her a new check, but it’s going to take a couple weeks to process. Kidd is pissed.

Meanwhile, 61 gets a call and when they get to the scene they find themselves treating a pregnant woman in the produce section of a grocery store. There was a Dr. Calhoun there and he tells them that her breathing was a little tacky. They check her blood pressure and it’s really high and all of a sudden she starts seizing. Brett and Gabby have the patient situation under control, but the doctor is continuously butting in, trying to tell them what to do.

Back at the house, Casey is looking for Severide, but he took off. When Gabby and Kidd are leaving and Kidd tells Gabby that when and if Hope gets her check for her, she will apologize. She adds that she should apologize for the Severide comment, Gabby tells her that she was kind of proud of her for that one and Kidd tells her that she was too.

Meanwhile, Brett ducked out early without an explanation and we find out she had a date with Dr. Calhoun. Their date seems to go well based on them making out in front of her apartment. He asks if he can come up to her apartment and then his phone rings. He tells her it’s the hospital and he has to take it, talks on the phone for a minute and then comes back to tell her he has to go. Patient emergency. There is something about him that I’m not sure about….

Casey goes to find Severide at Molly’s and when he goes to try and apologize, Severide tells him that he plan was better. Casey tells him that everything went well, but Severide talked to Maggie at Med and they are amputating his leg first thing in the morning. Casey asks him if he knew for sure that his plan could have saved his leg. Severide walks out.

At Gabby and Casey’s, Gabby is talking to her father when Casey walks in and he’s in a foul mood about his talk with Severide. He snaps at Gabby, then at Ramon and then after Ramon leaves, Gabby does too. Casey is still yelling out about how he’s always wrong and everyone else is right.

Otis cleaned out the food locker to store the robot and when he went to the get it out of the locker, it’s covered in lollipops. It’s pretty hilarious actually. He starts making calls trying to figure out who vandalized the robot and Casey isn’t happy about it at all. He tells him to put it in it’s crate and ship it back to where it came from. Snaps at Otis. Herrmann pulls Casey aside to tell him that maybe he should cut Otis some slack because he was probably just trying to show he can be more responsible.

Meanwhile, Brett and Gabby are going to get supplies for the rig and decide to go to the hospital that Dr. Calhoun works at so Brett could say hi. He sees her and instantly looks freaked out. He asks her why she is there and she tells him that they were there picking up some stuff and thought she would say hi and then the nurse at the desk tells him that his wife is on the phone and said there are no parking spots outside. His wife?!?!

Hope asked for an hour off to go directly to payroll and get them to write out a check for Kidd and manages to pull it off. When Kidd tells Brett that she has to give it to her friend for pulling that off, Brett seems bothered by something. Like she is thinking too much about what Gabby said about her being too trusting.

Casey goes to Severide and tells him that he read the article he gave him to read. He tells him that his idea was better, but he thought that if they went the faster route they would have been able to save his leg. He tells Severide that he doesn’t have to be happy about Casey’s rank, but he has to respect it. Severide agrees with him 100%. Casey goes to talk to Boden to tell him that they worked things out and he asks how to balance the responsibility of his rank with his personal life. Boden tells him that he doesn’t have many friends and he is on his third marriage. He tells him if he figures it out, let him know.

Brett goes to talk to Hope and Hope is over the moon about being able to fix the issue with Kidd’s check and Brett tells her that she is happy it worked out for her. She tells Hope that she would hate to think that she would purposely mess with one of her friends checks. Hope tells her of course she wouldn’t do that. She tells Brett that she loves everyone at 51 and Brett tells her “so do I.” When Brett leaves, Hope goes through a drawer in her desk and pulls out Kidd’s original check and puts it through the paper shredder. I knew I didn’t like her for a reason!

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