Survivor 2017 Recap: Episode 5 – The Past Will Eat You Alive

Tonight on Survivor season 35, one of the castaways has a hard time keeping his head in the game. Also, the tribes will have to go through a physically grueling immunity challenge in order to stay out of tonight’s Tribal Council. Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 2017. If you missed out on who went home last week on Survivor you can find out here in last week’s recap!

SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Survivor season 35 do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor season 35 started off with the Levu tribe reacting to the Tribal Council. After that we watched as Ben on Yawa gets spooked from bamboo popping in the campfire. The others have realized that he has a little PTSD and he goes into the water to be alone. He tells us that it’s hard for him because none of them really understand what it’s like, at home he has his wife and kids.

It is time for the Reward Challenge of the night, the tribes will be slithering through the sand with their legs and arms bound and using their heads to move a ball relay style. The last castaway will then shoot the balls into a big basket on top of a poll. The first two teams who get five balls in the basket will win. First place will win iced coffee, pastries and tea and coffee for their campsites. Second place will get one pitcher of ice coffee.

Levu gets their first one in, Levu gets their second in, Levu gets their third in and Yawa finally gets one in and then a second, but Levu gets their fourth and fifth in and win first place. Soko hasn’t gotten one in because Ryan kept losing the ball. Meanwhile, Yawa gets their final three in and wins second place. Soko leaves with nothing.

Levu is celebrating their win after a rough Tribal Council with some iced coffee and pastries. Devon is talking to Ashley about his plan to try and get Joe out if they end up in Tribal Council again. On Soko, Ryan is beating himself up over losing the reward challenge for his team, but Ali made it clear to us that she has his back. Ali is working on Roark and trying to get her to come into her alliance with her and Ryan. They also plan on having Chrissy in their little group too.

On Yawa, Cole is managing to dig himself into a hole by eating everything in sight and not being able to keep secrets. Meanwhile, Jessica and Mike go for a walk to “get water” but they are really looking for an idol. After a few minutes of digging near the well, Mike finds one!

It is now time for the Immunity Challenge. The tribes will be swinging out to sea, grabbing three bags of rice, bringing them back to shore and ripping them open looking for balls. They will then use the balls in a wall maze puzzle and the first two teams to win will get immunity for this week’s Tribal Council.

The first team to get all their rice backs on shore is Levu, Yawa is right behind them and Soko struggles for a little while. Levu gets all their balls out of the rice bags before Soko gets all their bags on the shore. Yawa gets all their balls as Soko rips through their first bag. Before you know it, all three tribes are working at getting their balls through the holes in their maze. The first tribe to win immunity tonight is Yawa and the second tribe is Levu. Soko lost because Chrissy didn’t want to give up. That means Soko will be heading to Tribal Council.

When they get back to camp, Chrissy wants to have a chat with Roark and she is trying to tell Roark that they should send a man home to give the women an advantage. Then she tells us that she is going to tell everyone that Roark is trying to set up an all girl alliance. She tells JP that and he tells Chrissy that she thinks Roark should go home, but he thinks she is strong in challenges and should be kept around. She tells JP about the all girls alliance and he tells her that Roark has to go then.

It’s time for Tribal Council. The conversation gets a little tense when Ali calls Chrissy out for not allowing someone else to try the challenge. Chrissy is also called out by Roark for all of a sudden wanted to talk to her on the day that Chrissy needed her. It is time for the votes and it’s not looking too good for Chrissy, but things have not gone as they seemed since the beginning of the season. Who will be voted out? We are about to find out! The votes are:

Chrissy, Roark, Chrissy, Roark and Roark! Roark was blindsided and the first person that Ali looked back at was Ryan!

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