Survivor 2017 Preview: Season 35 Episode 5 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on Survivor season 35, the tribes were surprised when Jeff told them to drop their buffs because it was time for a tribe mix up! The new tribes then had to quickly learn how to work together in the reward challenge with gave the winning team peanut butter and jelly. It was a winner takes all challenge so the teams really fought hard to win it. If you missed who the new tribes are, here is a breakdown for you!

Yawa comes out on top in the reward challenge and go back to camp with their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and their chips. When they get back to camp, Jessica finds something in her chip bag. It’s a secret advantage which allows her to void a vote from anyone in her tribe if they end up in Tribal Council. If they don’t, she has to pass it on to someone else from the losing tribe.

We all thought that if she passed it on, then whoever she passed it to would be able to pick someone from their tribe to block, but that isn’t how it happened. Instead, the person she passed it to was blocked from voting! She passed it to Devon from Levu because they were the tribe that lose the immunity challenge. You can find out who went home last week in my Survivor 2017 recap right here!

Tonight on Survivor season 35, Ben is having a hard time keeping his mind on the game with his PTSD kicked into full gear. He talks about nightmares and other things that have been weighing pretty heavily on him. There is a new reward challenge and immunity will be up for grabs again tonight. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode to find out what the castaways will be playing for in this immunity challenge!

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