Chicago PD 2017 Recap: Season 5 Episode 5 – Home

Tonight on Chicago PD season 5, the team uncovers a re-homing scam after busting a meth lad run by a man named Marshall Carter. The scam involves young children who are being adopted from foreign countries, abandoned and then sold online. Keep reading my Chicago PD 2017 recap to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD. If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago PD, you can find a full recap right here to get all caught up!

SPOILER ALERT: Chicago PD 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on Chicago PD season 5 do NOT read ahead!

We start the episode off with Jordan going to Atwater with a report card that should have been signed a week ago. It’s all C’s and Atwater tells him that they will be talking about that later. Meanwhile, his ride to work is outside and they are on their way to serve an arrest warrant for a meth dealer named Marshall Carter.

They get to Carter’s house and arrest him and hear banging coming from a shed in the backyard. After Voight pops the lock off the door, a young by runs out, but they catch him. There are two other children inside, but they are dead. They get him back to the station and they are all talking about how the kid is a ghost. Platt offers him her sandwich and tells him that she knows he can’t understand her, but he is in a safe place. He tells her “Vietnam” and she asks if he is from Vietnam? He nods his head.

Voight goes to talk to Carter about the kids in his shed, but he claims that the shed isn’t his, it’s his neighbors. Meanwhile, Atwater and Ruzek go to talk to the ME and they find out that the kids died from drinking meth waste that Carter was dumping. Antonio goes in and tells Voight that his story checks out, the storm shelter is his neighbor’s, but that doesn’t change the fact that Carter’s meth wastes killed them. Carter tells them that he’s only seen his neighbor a few times and he always had kids with him.

They are able to get a translator and he tells them that he lived with a family named “Smith’s” and there was a picture outside their house of cats. He tells them that their house smelled like chocolate. They start searching the neighborhood near the chocolate family and come across a house owned by a family with the name “Smith” and there is a “Welcome” sign outside with cats. When they knock a man is walking up. He asks them if he can help them and they tell him they were wondering if they know this young boy and shows him a picture. He identifies the boy has his son Quan and his wife comes outside.

They all go inside and the wife knows she is caught. She tells her husband in front of Ruzek and Atwater that Quan was too much to handle and she found a website. She tells them that Quan was a difficult child and was always stealing money from them. They find out that there was a re-homing website that the wife used to get rid of Quan.

Atwater and Burgess decide to go undercover to talk to a family looking to adopt a child through this site and when they meet with the couple, there are red flags. They show Burgess and Atwater pictures of their house, but when they get spooked and leave, Antonio and Ruzek follow them to a trailer. They hear shots fired and rush in. Quan’s father is there and he is holding a gun to the husband demanding information on what happened to his son. They are able to get him restrained and the husband and wife who they suspect is running the re-homing scam.

Meanwhile, Atwater has gotten a call and a text from Jordan telling him something happened with Vinessa. Atwater and Burgess go to the house and find out that Vinessa was attacked by some boys and they threatened to rape her because her brother is a snitch. Atwater is talking to Burgess in the kitchen and he is freaking out saying he has to deal with this. He tells her that he has an aunt in Texas, but he doesn’t want to send them there because they need him.

Meanwhile, they are talking to the couple who took the kids from their family’s and they are telling them about an Agent Harris and who is an ICE agent. He calls them and tells them where the parents live and they go to the house to pretend to be an infertile couple looking to adopt a child. If they get the kid, they call Agent Harris and meet him at a truck stop to hand him off. The problem is, there is no Agent Harris at ICE.

Meanwhile, Atwater has been trying to get a hold of Vinessa and Jordan, but neither are answering the phone. When Atwater gets to the house, Vinessa tells him that she tried to stop Jordan and Atwater asks where he went. She tells him he went to find the boys that grabbed her. He is confused because she said she didn’t know who they were, but she admits to lying about that. She tells him who one of the boys was and give him the address and tells him that Jordan said he was going to kill him. Atwater realizes that his sidearm isn’t in his gun safe. He tells her to lock the door and don’t let anyone in and goes after Jordan before he doesn’t something stupid.

Jordan is standing there with Atwater’s gun in his hand when Atwater runs up on him. He chases him down and gets him to give him his gun back. Jordan tells Atwater that this is his fault because he made him testify. He tells Atwater that he didn’t ask for this, Vinessa didn’t ask for this and tells him that he’s so worried about being a good role model. Atwater tells him that he just got it wrong this time and realizes that Jordan may be right.

Meanwhile, they are able to pull an image of Harris off video cameras at the truck stop where the Marsdens would meet him with the kids they got. They run his picture through facial recognition and get his real name, Clive, and he has a warrant for Ivory Smuggling. They go to his last known address, but the apartment was cleared out except for a black garbage bag that a panhandler was trying to steal. Inside this garbage bag is information on something called Sanctuary Row which is a dark net auction site. When you look at it, it looks like a site for exotic animals, but when you read the descriptions, it sounds like children. They see he is selling 4 children and has sold 18 in the past.

Voight wants to know how he knew they were on to him. They set up a sting and lure Clive out by buying a child from his website. When he gets there, they ID him positively and use a CI to deliver the money. When the CI pulls a gun on Voight, he shoots and kills him and goes after Clive. Voight wants to kill him, but Antonio and Atwater talk him out of it, they can’t find the other kids if he is dead.

They get him back to the precinct and Voight persuades him to tell him by giving him details of what people do to men like him in general population. He tells him that if he cooperates, he will have him put in a safe area with protection. He then whispers something in Clive’s ear that scares him half to death and he gets the information he needs from him. After he leaves, Ruzek asks if he was serious about protecting him and Voight tells him “hell no, he’s going to get what’s coming to him.”

We end the episode off with Voight meeting Antonio at his car and Antonio asks how Voight how he got the money for the auction so fast. Voight asks him why he’s so interested, asks if he is going to go tell Potter and he tells him that Potter is working the Lopez murder, the guy who killed illegal immigrants, and he wanted to know how he ended up dead after he was released. He tells them that they think that Voight had something to do with it.

Voight pays a visit to Atwater who is home alone and when he asks where the kids are, he tells Voight that they are on a plane to Texas. He made a decision that was best for them and best for the family. He is clearly upset about this choice, but he is just trying to protect his sister and brother.

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