This Is Us Season 2 Preview: Episode 5 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on This Is Us season 2 we watched as Kevin had knee surgery to repair his knee and vowed to not use the pain killers. He doesn’t like the way they make him feel and he knows that he shouldn’t take them, but he is also impatient about going back to work. He doesn’t want to miss too much and chance losing this opportunity, so he uses the pain medications to dull the pain enough to work through it. I have a bad feeling about this though because based on another preview I saw, Kevin becomes a little dependent on the pills.

We also watched as Randall and Beth continued to try and break down the wall that Deja has put up around her. It works until Randall let on that Beth told him about a conversation that Deja had with Beth. This turned into Deja acting out a bit and cutting off all her hair which Beth worked very hard to clean and braid for Deja. You can get more details about this in my This Is Us 2017 recap right here

Kate has been working really hard on her exercise routine and trying to lose weight for what we think is a gig. She wants to be able to fit into a specific dress and has convinced herself that she needs to lose some weight first. Later on in last week’s episode of This Is Us season 2, we find out that isn’t the only reason why Kate has been working so hard. A huge bombshell was dropped on us in the final seconds of the show when we see Kate at her gynecologist and she is getting an ultrasound done and talking about vitamins. Kate is 6 weeks pregnant!

This week we will watch as Kevin and Randall attend a charity fundraiser for Sophie’s hospital. Deja asks Randall if she can go with him and he takes her, but Beth is worried she might not be ready for something like this. Kate goes to surprise Toby at work which is what I can only assume to be an attempt to make him feel better about her ignoring him lately. In flashbacks we will see Jack take the boys on a camping trip and leaves Rebecca behind to deal with some unexpected news about Jack’s father.

Make sure you come back to get all the details of tonight’s episode of This Is Us 2017 with my full recap later tonight. For now, enjoy this sneak peek and let me know what you think of this season so far in the comments below or on social media!

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