This Is Us 2017 Recap: Season 2 Episode 5 – Brothers

Tonight on This Is Us season 2, Kevin and Randall go to a fundraising dinner for Sophie’s hospital and Deja asks if she can go. Even though Beth is skeptical on her being ready for something like this, Randall takes her with him. Get all the details of tonight’s episode of This Is Us 2017 below and if you missed last week’s episode of This Is Us season 2, you can get caught up right here!

SPOILER ALERT: This Is Us 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on This Is Us season 2 do NOT read ahead!

Tonight’s episode of This Is Us season 2 started off with a flashback of Jack bringing Kevin and Randall camping to try and help them learn how to get alone. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Kate are staying behind to have a movies and manicures day. The boys leave and the girls get ready for their movie when the phone rings and the person on the other end of the phone asks for Jack. Rebecca tells her that he isn’t there and asks if she can take a message and she tells Rebecca to let him know that his father, Stanley is close to passing. Rebecca immediately calls the campground and leaves a message for Jack.

Back in the present time, Kevin is going through Randall’s medicine cabinet when Randall knocks on the door. When Kevin comes out of the bathroom, he asks Randall if he can borrow a tie for the gala later that night. When they go down to the kitchen, Kevin asks Beth is she wants to go with him, but she says it’s kind of last minute to find a babysitter. Deja asks if she can go and Randall tells her that she can, lets her know that he would have to take her because Kevin will be busy and she is excited about going.

Meanwhile, Kate is going to see Toby at work and asks if she can talk to him in his office for a second. When they walk in, he clears off his desk thinking that she wants to have a quickie, but she is there to tell him that she is pregnant. He is over the moon about the idea of them having a baby and he gives her a big hug. He is so excited, but then she breaks it to him that there are a lot of things that could go wrong because of her age and her weight. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be too excited until the baby is living outside of her body. He is kind of bummed that he isn’t allowed to be excited in front of her and seems upset that she is this worried about their unborn child.

We get a new flashback of Jack with his father on a fishing trip and Stan asks Jack if he is thirsty. Jack tells him “no”, but his father is so they stop anyways. The place they stop is a tavern and bait shop. Back to Jack and the boys, Kevin and Randall are setting up the tent when Kevin decides that he is going to tear it down and trap Randall inside as a joke, but it isn’t very funny. Meanwhile, Rebecca is at the nursing home where Stan is being cared for. She introduces herself and Kate shows up at the doorway.

Kevin is calling his doctor asking for another refill of his vicodin when Sophie comes out in one of her dresses for the gala. Randall and Deja are getting ready to go and when Deja comes down, they head out the door. Deja is very quiet on the way there despite Randall’s attempts to start conversations with her. When they get to the gala, Deja doesn’t say much until she sees Kevin and she runs to him to talk to him.

We get another flashback of Jack in the car waiting for Stan to come out so they can go fishing, but he isn’t coming out. Back to Jack’s camping trip with the boys, Jack is asking Kevin why he is so hard on Randall. Kevin tells him he doesn’t know and Jack keeps pressing him for answers. Kevin tells him he doesn’t know why he is like that to his brother and he tells Jack that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Kate is at a meeting and she is listening to a girl talk about how she went to a cocktail party, went outside and smoked a cigarette and now she vapes. Kate gets so annoyed that she is there because she vapes when others have real problems and she flips out on her. When they are leaving, they go back and forth some more and then get into their cars. Kate goes to back up and she hits the other woman’s car and when the other woman comes over she is screaming. Kate starts crying. The woman feels awful and asks if she is hurt and Kate tells her she doesn’t think so, but she is pregnant and she just freaked out a little bit. The woman hugs her and tells her how happy she is for her despite having yelled at her before.

Deja and Randall are at the gala and Deja is eating shrimp and when she goes to eat the tail, he goes to grab it just to stop her from eating it. She freaks out a little and throws it on her plate. Randall tells her that she isn’t supposed to eat that and tells her he doesn’t want her to choke. Meanwhile, Sophie is introducing Kevin onto the stage and he is on the phone arguing with his doctor about not refilling his prescription. He is clearly drunk as well.

Back to the camping trip, Jack is talking to Randall about maybe trying to give Kevin some space, wait for him to come to him instead of pushing Kevin. A little while goes by and a car pulls up to their campsite. It’s the park ranger with Rebecca on the radio and he talks to her. She tells him that the nursing home where Stan is being cared for called and she tells him that he isn’t doing well. She asks if he wants to come back and he tells her that he is going to stay there with the boys. She asks him if there is anything she can tell him for Jack and he tells her no, that he has been dead to him for a long time now. She tells him that he is a miracle and he tells her it takes one to know one.

Back at the gala, Randall is standing outside of the ladies room waiting for Deja to come out and Kevin comes over. He asks Randall what’s wrong and he tells him that Deja is in there and he is fighting the urge to go in there and talk to her. By the end of the short conversation, he goes in to talk to her.

Kate gets home and finds Toby on the computer and she tells him that she was in a fender bender, but she told the person she was in the accident with that she was pregnant. She tells him that it felt good to say it out loud and then tells him to come with her. Meanwhile, back at the gala, Kevin finds Sophie and asks what he missed and she tells him to take a look at the woman across the room and tells him that she was the one who bought him at the auction, the auction he wasn’t at.

She is pissed and tells him that he embarrassed her in front of her co-workers and asks him why he had to get drunk tonight of all nights. He uses the “I’m exhausted” excuse and tells her that he needs some air and goes outside. He tells her that he will meet her back at her place. Meanwhile, Randall is waiting for Deja to come out of the bathroom, she asks if he is going to stand there forever. He tells her yea. She tells him that he can’t grab her like that. She tells him a story about one of the foster homes she was in. One of her foster moms used to get beauty magazines and her foster father would use them to beat her. That’s why she doesn’t like being grabbed.

We find out where Kate brings Toby, she brings him to a coffee shop and tells him he can tell one person inside that they are pregnant, instead he has the man behind the counter play Hootie and the Blowfish and starts dancing and telling everyone. Back at the camping trip, Kevin is sitting in the tent and he finds Randall’s notebook and sees that he is making a list of things to do when he thinks Kevin is getting annoyed with him. When Jack gets back from the park ranger’s truck, he finds Randall and Kevin roasting marshmallows together.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is still at the nursing home and goes in to tell Stan that Jack isn’t coming and then goes to leave. She then turns around and makes it a point to tell Stan that he didn’t manage to screw up Jack and tells him that Jack is a wonderful father and provider for their family. Later we see at the boys and Jack return home from their trip and they seem happier than ever.

Back in present time, Kevin is still trying to find a doctor to fill his prescription. We also get another look at Jack waiting in Stan’s car for him to come out of the tavern and we see that Jack has a brother, Nicky, who was in the car with him, but sleeping in the backseat. Jack and Rebecca are in bed and we see Jack get up and start looking at old pictures of his brother. Looks like his brother was in the military.

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