The Gifted 2017 Recap: Season 1 Episode 4 – eXit Strategy

Tonight on The Gifted season 1, Eclipse looks for an old friend to ask him to dig up some important information. Also, Lauren and Andy are trying to combine their abilities in order to help the group. Keep refreshing this page to get all the information with my The Gifted 2017 live recap! If you missed last week’s episode of The Gifted, you can find my full recap here!

SPOILER ALERT: The Gifted 2017 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happens tonight on The Gifted season 1 do NOT read ahead!

We start tonight’s episode of The Gifted off with a flashback of Thunderbird and a group of the mutants trying to get into one of the Mutant Relcation Facilities. One of them, Gus, gets shot in the escape. Meanwhile, Polaris and Reed being put in cells next to each other and she isn’t happy to see him to say the least.

Thunderbird is at the Mutant Underground and he is telling everyone there that they need to go up against Sentinel Services if they plan on saving Polaris and Reed from the detention center. After the meeting with everyone, Caitlin, Andy and Lauren are all talking about how Reed is screwed, but Caitlin tells them that they need to do whatever they can to at least try.

Caitlin then has an idea to save Polaris and Reed. She tells them that trying to get them out of the detention center is a huge risk, so why don’t they try to get the in route. She tells them that Daniel said that the center is far away, which means that they will need to fly. Why not get them while they are being transported.

Thunderbird is having a conversation with Dreamer about Blink’s memories. He wants to know if she had a conversation with Blink about this yet and she tells him that she hasn’t. Also tells him that they don’t know how she is going to react when they tell her what she did. Meanwhile, Eclipse is at a club where he runs into a woman, he wants to talk to her father, but she tells him that her father has retired. She tells him that if he wants to talk business, he can talk to her.

This conversation with Carmen doesn’t go very well because apparently she is an ex of his and he left her for Polaris. He ends up having to tell her who he is trying to save. By the end of the conversation, she agrees to help him and finds out that they are moving Reed and Polaris by truck. He still has to get a time, but the only way he is going to get that is if Eclipse does a favor for her.

After listening into the conversation about stopping the convoy truck, Lauren has an idea about working with Andy and focusing their abilities in order to stop the truck. They are able to channel their powers together. Meanwhile, we get a look at Polaris and Reed talking and he is trying to get Polaris to accept his apology, but she is even more upset. She seen first hand what he has done to these families that he prosecuted.

Lauren and Andy show Thunderbird and Caitlin what they can do, but Caitlin isn’t having it. Lauren tells her that there are risks worth taking, using her mother’s words against her. Caitlin agrees that they can help as long as they are out of there right after they blow out the tire. Thunderbird tells her that he just needs them to stop the truck.

We find out what Carmen wants from Eclipse, she needs his help with getting someone to talk. She tells him that this won’t be the only favor of this kind either. He is able to get this guy to talk and she hands over the information that Eclipse needs. Blink is having vivid dreams of her and Thunderbird. We also get a look at Polaris and Reed being put into the convoy truck.

The mutants are getting ready for the convoy truck and Blink and Thunderbird are talking. Caitlin, Andy and Lauren are close by waiting for the convoy truck so they can blow out the tire when the truck comes. Eclipse tells Dreamer that if things go sideways, they need to leave and he tells them that he won’t be leaving without Polaris.

The truck is approaching, Andy and Lauren are able to blow out the tire after Lauren pushes some of Andy’s buttons to get him mad. He works better when he’s mad. When the truck stops, it isn’t in the same place. Sentinel Services knows that it’s a Mutant attack. Blink and Thunderbird move so they can see the bus and portal, but their abilities are being blocked. That means that the man who is trying to cloak himself and get closer is going to be made. When he is, he is shot and killed.

Thunderbird has an idea about what can be blocking their abilities, or should I say who? Thunderbird’s friend Gus from earlier in the episode, he is also known as Pulse and he can interrupt their abilities. Caitlin gives Lauren and Andy the keys to the car and tells him to head back to the HQ, but they don’t want to leave her there. She tells them she is going after their father and they need to go, now. They leave. Meanwhile, Polaris and Reed are being moved to a safer location, but they decide to try and fight the guards off. They are unsuccessful and left alone in the truck.

We end tonight’s episode off with Thunderbird taking one of the guards out with his hands and then trying to take out Pulse, but things don’t go as planned. He is able to get him down and Polaris is able to use her abilities inside the truck and everyone outside is also able to use their abilities.

There isn’t anything metal inside that she can use, Reed tells her he has metal screws in his leg and tells her to take them. They are able to get out of the truck and when they get out, Sentinel Services opens fire, but Polaris is able to stop the bullets and then rip their guns from their hands. Caitlin gets her hands on a van and they all get in and take off.

Sentinel Services aren’t happy and he plans on hunting them all down including their safe houses and anyone that has ever helped the mutants! Make sure you come back next week to find out what happens right here!

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