The Gifted 2017 Preview: Episode 4 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Last week on The Gifted season 1, we watched as Reed is cutting a deal to help his family. Reed’s deal consists of outing the Mutant Underground, but he has a change of heart after meeting the family of a mutant being detained who are trying to leave the country. The mother helped Reed when he was in pain, she was able to take it away and while the van they were in was being tracked, thanks to Reed, he decides that he doesn’t want to help Sentinel Services.

Meanwhile, Caitlin is trying to get help from her brother who turns her down. He offers her a place to stay for the night and some money, but he tells her he can’t help her find Reed. The next morning, Caitlin wakes up to Eclipse and Thunderbird standing over her and a crowd of angry neighbors outside who are looking to do harm to Caitlin and her children. When her brother goes out to try and calm the group, he is hit in the face with the butt of a gun and Eclipse and Andy are forced to use their abilities to get to the car.

The angry neighbors chase after them as they head for the compound. Thunderbird calls Dreamer to tell her that they need an escape plan. Dreamer decides that this is where they need Blink’s help, but Blink isn’t convinced that she can control her powers. Dreamer thinks that if she gave Blink something to care about, she can harness that and use it to control her powers. Dreamer gives Blink fake memories of her and Thunderbird in order to make her care. Check out my full recap right here to find out what happened!

Tonight on The Gifted 2017, Eclipse seeks out an old friend in order to get information. We will also see Lauren and Andy are trying to combine their abilities to try and help the group. Make sure you come back tonight to get all the details in my The Gifted season 1 recap. For now, enjoy this clip from tonight’s episode of The Gifted 2017!

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